Full biography of Dr Lynette Nusbacher – Popular transgender military expert

Dr Lynette Nusbacher: Before and After

Who is Lynette Nusbacher?

Dr Lynette Nusbacher is a widely celebrated and educated American historian and military expert. Despite being a renowned historian, Dr Nusbacher became a hot topic for the media after becoming a transgender woman.

Known for her talks on military evolution and its interventions in different parts of the world, Dr Lynette Nusbacher has appeared on multiple TV shows as a guest and produced many documentations on the topic.

Dr Nusbacher has also written several books on military affairs.

Full data profile of Lynette Nusbacher

Full nameLynette Nusbacher
Other namesAryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher (as a man)
Year of transitioning2007
Age54 years old
Date of BirthDecember 17, 1966
State of OriginNew York City
Height5″6 feet
ParentsKelly Maines, Wayne Maines
Marital StatusDivorced
CareerHistorian and military affairs expert

Lynette Nusbacher childhood

Dr Lynette Nusbacher was born in New York City on December 17, 1966 to a Jewish family. As seen in her name, she is of German decent and she speaks fluent English, French, German and Hebrew.

Not much is known about her biological parents but it is known that she has a brother who likes to live a private life, away from media attention. Dr Lynette Nusbacher currently resides in Guildford, Surrey, England.

Dr Lynette Nusbacher’s education

Dr Nusbacher attended the University of Toronto in Canada where she graduated with BA (Honors) in History and Economics in 1988.

She attended the Royal Military College of Canada between 1994 and 1996 to obtain a Masters degree in War Studies. She later proceeded to the University of Oxford, England, where she obtained a Ph.D in Modern British History in 2001.

Dr Lynette Nusbacher also attended short programs on Organizational Leadership at the Cranefield School of Management and the National School of Government.

Transitioning to a transgender woman

Dr Lynette Nusbacher was born a man named Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher before transitioning into a woman in 2007. She changed her name to Lynette Nusbacher after becoming a transgender woman.

What Dr Lynette Nusbacher looks like now

Lynette Nusbacher’s career

Lynette Nusbacher’s first job was an administrative role at the University of Toronto in 1988 – a position she held until 1994 before joining the Canadian Armed Forces as a Logistics Officer.

Dr Nusbacher was a guest lecturer at the University of Reading, England, between 2006 and 2012. She became a high-ranking lecturer on War Strategy at the Royal Military Academy (Sandhurst) between 1999 and 2013. She also served as a reserve officer for the British Army.

Dr Lynette Nusbacher has appeared on several episodes of the BBC technology show, Time Commanders as an expert in military history.

She has also been on other shows/series such as Weaponology (2007), Battlefield Detectives (2004-2005), and Mysteries of the Abandoned (2019). In 2006, Dr Nusbacher became an LMC consultant in the subject of war studies. And in 2007, she became the Senior Intelligence Advisor in UK’s cabinet office. She became the Cabinet Office’s Head of Strategic Horizons Unit in 2008.

In 2011, Dr Lynette Nusbacher opened her own consultancy firm called Nusbacher & Associates. Lynette Nusbacher’s company explores strategic vision and thinking, helping companies prepare better for the unknown.

Lynette Nusbacher’s marriage and husband

Dr Lynette Nusbacher was married to Melanie Bright, a marketing and communications professional. They met in 1997 and got married in 1998. They were together for about nine years and have two children together. They were perceived to be separated following Lynette Nusbacher’s gender reassignment surgery in 2007.

They later got divorced officially in 2010.

Dr Lynette Nusbacher and her ex-wife, Melanie Bright have two daughters together. Not much is known about the girls except that they are doing well in their respective careers.

Lynette Nusbacher’s net worth

Lynette Nusbacher has an estimated net worth of around $1.3 million.

Lyynette Nusbacher on social media

Dr Lynette Nusbacher is on Instagram as @lynettenusbacher. Her Twitter handle is @Nusbacher

Lynette Nusbacher Wikipedia

As of the time of publishing this biography, Dr Lynette Nusbacher’s personal Wikipedia page has not been published.

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37 Comments on “Full biography of Dr Lynette Nusbacher – Popular transgender military expert”

  1. 1st I respect Dr. Nusbacher as a historian. This is in part why I find it so apauling that Dr. Nusbacher chose to violate God and even his own genetics–despite what HE should know regarding the suicidal history of trangender people including that 85% finally return to their genetic identity. Dr. Nusbacher is and will always be genetic man. In my great respect for Dr. Nusbacher, I cannot disrespect God or Dr. Nusbacher to call Him a woman.

    1. FIRST… Who May I Ask, Other Than Yourself… Cares About Your Opinion.. IF YOUR GOD IS SO POWERFUL & OMNIPOTENT, Why May I Ask, Would He/ She ( one can only hope) Allow Such An Evil Being, Be Born

      WRONG: Wrong Body!
      WRONG: Among Small Minded People!
      WRONG: NOT Being Able To Live HER TRUTH, Without Prejudice And Predators Ready To Pounce
      Due To Biggotry And Antisemitism.


      1. WHO SAYS IT IS WRONG. IF YOU DON’T RESPECT A PERSONS DIGNANCY. As they stated before, the numbers on suicide & gender reversal proves wrong choices have been made. Similar to breast implant surgery, there is no magic surgery to make you something you are not. Even hand transplant surgery has it’s share of people wanting them removed because it wasn’t natural having a hand not being their own

        1. Did it ever occur to your narrow-minded ******* that the high suicide rate among transgenders is due to people like you that find them repulsive and go out of your way to belittle them? Judge not, lest ye be judged.

      2. The answer to your Trump style capitaliztions is simple: Aryeh is suffering from a mental illness where he thinks he is someone who he is not. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. Or, you can call it a rose, but it still stinks. How about that?

      3. I am a Christian and as a Christian God tells us not to Judge, we all will be Judged one day, I respect and love everyone, and pray for us all. God judges God punishes, and God forgives for those that believe in Jesus the son and no one comes to the but through him. Christians know they are not to judge lest they be judged, but God to blame God for the behavior of man is just wrong. For we are to blame for our own behavior not God

    2. I really respect and love what you have done and do would like to talk more if you can I am interested

    3. 85% return to their genetic identity?? 😆 It’s ironic that you pretend to be some God fearing Christian 🤭, all the while “disrespecting God” with your lies by SUPER inflating statistical numbers. The numbers of detransitioners is only a small fraction…LESS than 5%. Don’t be a hypocrite and sit down with your anti-Christian lies.

    4. You’re full of c**p and have no idea of what you’re talking about. You pass judgment like you have the authority to do so but you don’t. You just sound like an ignorant person full of vile wickedness and resentment.

  2. It’s not stupid, it’s not poor, it has kids and had a pretty decent life. Dude, you’re just a mentally ill beta male Canadian. I’d off myself in his position, because my children don’t deserve to see daddy in a dress and full makeup, on TV, ranting about Hitler. That would screw up ANY innocent child.

  3. I consider this kind of thing a mental illness and for our government to tolerate and finance it doesn’t seem right to me. It has had a profound and negative effect on society which should have stayed in the quiet corners of society in the deep dark corners of those large liberal cities instead of becoming part of our TV shows and Disney Movies like it has. I consider this a very bad thing for our society.

    1. Whoa there Sparky. Your false “christianity” is on display for all to see. I suppose you think of yourself as a “manly” man. All you are is a male who has to castigate others to compensate for your lack of . . . well, you know.

  4. Whatever anyone else does that doesn’t directly affect you should be none of your business.
    If 85 percent of transgender people return to their original sexual orientation than, also shouldn’t bother you. All you have to do is give it some time. So now you need not worry. Either that or unfortunately they will be victims of suicide.
    God. . . .did Jesus teach you to just love one another except for those who are different? Do not think like you? Affiliate themselves with a certain American political party? NO! Jesus himself would say you are all horrible Christians and shake his head at how you focus on small differences rather than realize Dr. Nusbacher IS also one of (wait for it) God’s creations.
    Now, I don’t understand transgenderism. I don’t know if it is a mental illness or not. I’ll even make the argument that if someone was born transgender, was marooned on a deserted island as an infant, somehow managed to survive and grow up to adulthood and decided to transition. Transition to what? If they have zero knowledge of the opposite sex! (Think about that one) but guess what? Doesn’t matter. Dr. Nusbacher gets my respect for being a human that has worth because he is alive. And if the good Dr. Requests that I refer to her as a she I will gladly do so. It costs me nothing, changes me in no way. Simply because they are human and alive. I’m remembering a quote from Jesus, something about doing unto the least of his people. . . .And if you are throwing around God quotes I’m sure you are also pro-life. Life does not exist without a body. So drop your rocks and walk away or ye that have no sin, cast the first stone.

  5. We watch abandoned engineering, and no matter what the subject is ,Lynette is so passionate about the subject and makes it very interesting to listen to.

  6. I think that you have to be very brave to transition. She has my respect for her knowledge of military affairs regardless of her private life. I wish her happines for the future..

  7. Small people with small minds always need someone or something to tell them how to live their lives. Dr Lynette is NOT one of those. She is a great example of what ‘human beings’ can accomplish. A great mind creates even great things for others to consider. All of her work, and her way of living her live, demonstrates this. Isn’t diversity a wonderful thing and where would humanity be without the alternative ways of thinking diversity allows to come forward. I say thank you to Dr Lynette for being one of those diverse people.

  8. I am in awe of the knowledge that this gentleman has on military history. Kudos on the time it took for him to learn all these facts. Love the passion he has for this subject!
    As for him dressing up like a girl, not my business, Yahweh says judge not lest ye be judged you. So I will do as He says and let Yahweh be the judge of all. If this guy wants to pretend to be a girl, who cares, as long as he keeps it to himself, and doesn’t try to indoctrinate children into his fantasy.

    1. She’s not “dressing up as a girl”. She’s transitioned with surgery and IS a female and should be addressed as she/her. Didn’t you read the article?

    2. While I broadly agree with your sentiment, in that Dr Nusbacher’s personal life is exactly that, her’s to live; the suggestion she’s ‘pretending’ runs counter to your initial comment.
      And what the heck is the indoctrination nonsense – it’s such a BS argument that because someone lives an atypical life they therefore be some kind of deviant. That is exactly the ploy by bigots that rail against difference. The picture they paint is that there’s almost hordes of lgbtq people roaming the streets trying to get at kids; which, last I checked hasn’t happened anywhere, any time.
      I think Dr Nusbacher is extremely brave to not hide away – she’ll know her appearing on TV will generate hate and bigotry towards her and those like her. She is an expert in her field, that’s why she’s there. In that context, nothing else matters.
      She is awesome and highly knowledgeable.

  9. She isn’t dressing up as a girl, she has transitioned surgically and should be referred to as she/her, as was mentioned in the article you’re commenting under.

  10. I would listen to him and wish I had a teacher with such passion. Students learn more when there is someone that loves their jobs and knows what they are talking about. it does not matter what gender they are. Respect their private lives and decisions.

  11. I was also once so small mined and disrespected that all humans are equal no person has the write to judge. I now welcome you back and hope you to can find to respect life also, it will bring you nothing but reward and happiness .

  12. Whatever someone does in their private life is up to them, and I could care less. However, I do have a big problem with the way it has become mainstream with the media and Hollywood, and being shown all the time like it’s a normal thing to be celebrated and embraced. It is not a normal way of life. It shouldn’t be promoted like it is. Especially not in children’s shows and books. There is plenty of time for a person to learn about it when they are older and better able to understand it. People that are gay or transgender are in the extreme minority, but it has started to be portrayed as a normal way of life. It is not a normal way of life. Just to reiterate, I have no problem with people being gay, transgender, or identifying as whatever they want to. I do have a problem with it being shoved down our throats by Hollywood,etc, and promoted to children that are to young to understand it as a normal way to live.

    1. What was it I used to hear? – if you don’t have something positive to say, say nothing at all?
      Oh and when you negative commenters change something about yourselves, hopefully someone makes fun of your changes!

  13. WOW! Still a lot of small, closed minded people out there! How disappointing!! We live in a society of mainly heterosexual relationships. Do you really think anyone would arbitrarily choose to change their gender knowing they are choosing a very difficult, outside of the norm path? NO, they would not! They make a most difficult choice to change their physical body to match how they naturally feel in their brain. They cannot make their brain feel like the gender they were born with anymore than YOU can make your brain want to change to the opposite sex. They suffer in silence for much of their life trying to understand why they feel so different. What if YOU were born with the mind of a woman & the body of a man? It’s not a mental illness and certainly not an individual’s choice!! Show some understanding & acceptance for those who are different than yourself. We must stop the hate. It’s a negative emotion that eats at you & brings pain to others.

  14. No one is born wrong…their minds are deceived by Satan to believe a lie …. they are spiritually blinded to the truth of God’s will for reconciling their hearts aand minds to Himself. They do not know who they are…..the confusion they feel can only be made right by our Creator God in Jesus Christ….He alone is God and He desires for all mankind to come to Him for newness of Life….be assured that every knee shall bow to Him and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of Heaven and Earth in that day! Mock and deny this truth all you will…..God is still God and we are not! What He does and what He speaks is forever and it is forever Ripghteous and Holy!

  15. I would just like to say bravo to this woman, what an incredible human being, I love to watch her on tv. I also would like to add Lynnette is getting younger and more beautiful all the time, damn fabulous! Everyone in my family love her and have nothing but great respect for this incredible person.

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