Is Lavania from ‘The Royal Treatment’ movie a real country?

Anyone who has seen the new Netflix romantic comedy “The Royal Treatment” would be wondering if Lavania, the country where Prince Thomas comes from, actually exists?

In “The Royal Treatment”, Prince Thomas’s butler Walter (Cameron Rhodes) somehow mistakes a small salon “Belle” run by New York hairdresser Isabelle (a.k.a Izzy) as an exclusive salon where the town’s biggest names go.

Isabelle “Izzy” (Laura Marano) is ultimately invited to work at the upcoming wedding of Prince Thomas (Mena Massoud from Aladdin) and she with her two dramatic friends are overjoyed to travel to the distant country of Lavania where Prince Thomas’s father is king.

A lot happened during the visit – you just have to see the movie to know.

So is Lavania in the “The Royal Treatment” an actual country?

The short and simple answer to this question is NO. Lavania is not a real country. Like in most “Prince and Princessy” movies, the place is an entirely fictional region that makers of the film came up with.

Lavania appears to be a twist of the word “Lavinia” which is the name of a real municipality in the São Paulo state of Brazil. The idea of “Lavania” could also have come from the “countrification” of the word – “LAVA” + “NIA”. Or a play of the European country – “Latvia”.

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