Glo accountant Folake Abiola reportedly commits suicide with SNIPER

Folake Abiola, an accounting professional with Glo Nigeria has reportedly committed suicide.

According to reports gathered by DNB Stories Africa, Folake Abiola killed herself by drinking Sniper, a brand of insecticide popular in Nigeria. She died at her residence at Osapa London, in the Lekki area of Lagos.

A source who claimed to know the late accountant shared on Whatsapp that Ms Folake Abiola has been depressed.

Additional reports also say that Ms Abiola who is 45 years old, according to reports, has not been married and has no children.

Speaking about her death, a colleague of the deceased told reporters:

She was a senior accountant at a telecoms firm and we are colleagues. She took her life herself and was buried that same Friday as she was the only Christian in her family. She had been suffering from depression for years and her death has nothing to do with loneliness or lack of a husband or sex.

Within the last seven years, I know she was in a relationship twice. She ended those relationships on her own because of depression. She said she did not want to bring someone else into her life when she could not take care of herself. She was going through extreme depression, but people that did not know what she was going through have been posting rubbish online.

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One Comment on “Glo accountant Folake Abiola reportedly commits suicide with SNIPER”

  1. So now that you have told everyone how she killed herself, when the bodies start piling over the knowledge that such can help I hope you’ll be happy?

    All these journalists that don’t know that in journalism you do not report the tool used in committing suicide, amongst others.

    What a shame

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