All about Nigerian singer Aṣa’s marriage, husband and children

Who is Aṣa?

Aṣa is a Nigerian-French singer, songwriter and recording artist. She is popularly known for her hit songs like “360”, and “Fire on the Mountain.” Her most recent album, “V” was released on February 27, 2022, and it features artists like Wizkid, Amaarae and The Cavemen.

Aṣa’s real name is Bukola Elemide. She was born on September 17, 1982, in Paris, France to Nigerian parents who were studying cinematography at the time. As of June 2022, Aṣa is 39 years old. She is originally from Abeokuta in Ogun State, Nigeria. Aṣa is also a French citizen as she was born there.

About Aṣa’s parents

Aṣa’s father, Akin Elemide was a strict disciplinarian before he passed away in 2006. In a tell-all interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Aṣa said that her father was abusive. She said that her father would often beat her mother and would lay his hands on her and her brothers whenever they “misbehaved.”

She said:

“He’s austere and disciplined. He was a disciplinarian and yes, abusive to my mom. With the kids, he overdid it to keep us straight. It was too confusing.”

The singer added that due to the way her father treated her mother, she thought all men were like that. She said that she did not even want to get married. However, her grandfather who had been happily married for 50 years changed that perception. Aṣa said that at a certain point, she told her mother to divorce her father. Her mother finally left her father in a surprise separation that her father blamed Aṣa for. Aṣa added that she did not think her parents were compatible.

Aṣa added that while her father was proud of all she had accomplished as a musician, she still feared him. She said:

“He loved my music. He’s proud. He would read the news and vaunt with friends. He told me one day, ‘If not for the beating, you won’t be this successful. It’s because I disciplined you.'”

Aṣa went on to say:

“It took courage. I was scared of him. Even on the phone.”

Aṣa’s mother has never been seen before. However, she was at Aṣa’s concert in Lagos tagged “Aṣa Live.” France-based author, Onyeka Nwelue took a picture with her and described her as very shy.

About Aṣa’s siblings

Nigerian-French singer Aṣa grew up in Lagos, Nigeria with three older brothers. Almost nothing is known of Aṣa’s siblings except the fact that they were usually beaten by their father, Akin Elemide.

Why Aṣa goes by the moniker

Aṣa (pronounced ASHA) is the Yoruba term for “hawk.” The name was inspired by her childhood days when she would drift away from home without a particular destination in mind. As a result, an elderly man in their neighbourhood called her Aṣa, due to her wandering nature. When she started her career, Aṣa chose the name as her stage name.

About Aṣa’s marriage and wedding

As of June 2022, singer Aṣa is unmarried and does not have a husband. In a 2020 interview, Aṣa said that she had become “selfish” with herself and is not in a hurry to get married.

She said:

“As I grew older, I discovered that I became selfish with myself. I love being alone from 3a.m. in the morning but by 8 o’clock, I’m ready to do or be with whoever it is. I really don’t know if anyone who wants to be with me would understand that I really love to be alone by that time. I really don’t have any issues being alone if the marriage happens, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m still very happy with how my life is at the moment.”

Aṣa’s lesbian rumours

Nigerian-French singer, Aṣa has always appeared to be single. There is almost no information regarding her past or present relationships. At a time, it was rumoured that she was a lesbian and her manager, Janet Nwosu was alleged to be her lover. However, Aṣa debunked these rumours and sued the media house that published the news.

Aṣa and her ex-boyfriend

Aṣa’s Boyfriend

In 2014, she announced that she had found the love of her life. However, neither the gender nor the identity of the person was revealed. In a 2015 interview, Aṣa said that she lost her virginity when she was 28. She also said that she had found love and was dating an Englishman. The identity of the man is unknown.

However, it is known that he is an entrepreneur and her song, “How Did Love Find Me?” was dedicated to him. A picture of them backing the camera and facing a beach surfaced online. Sadly, the relationship fizzled out and they broke up. The cause of the breakup is unknown. Aṣa appears to be single at the moment.

About Aṣa’s children

As of June 2022, Aṣa does not have any children. She has also not expressed any interest in having children in the future.

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