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Who is MacKenzie Scott?

MacKenzie Scott is an American writer, philanthropist, and advocate. However, she is best known in the media as the ex-wife of Forbes billionaire Jeff Bezos. Scott is said to be the third-richest woman in the United States. Also, Forbes recognized her as one of the most powerful women in the world in 2021.

MacKenzie Scott’s early life and education

MacKenzie Scott’s full name is MacKenzie Scott Tuttle. The billionaire writer was born on April 7, 1970, in San Francisco, California. She is 52 years old as of October 2022. In 1988, Scott graduated from Hotchkiss School, a preparatory school in Lakeville, Connecticut. She then moved to Princeton University, where she bagged a Bachelor’s degree in English in 1992. While at Princeton, MacKenzie Scott worked several jobs to pay for her tuition because her family was facing serious financial crises at the time.

MacKenzie Scott’s parents

MacKenzie Scott was born to her parents: Jason Baker Tuttle (father) and Holiday Robin, née Cuming (mother). While the date Scott’s parents married is unknown, they have been together for over 5 decades now.

Before the late 80s, MacKenzie Scott’s family was extremely rich – living the American dream in California. However, things went south when Scott’s father, Jason Tuttle, a financial planner, was barred by the SEC for wasting clients’ money. Following this misfortune, the author’s family moved to Florida to start afresh. According to reports, Scott’s parents now live in Palm Beach, Florida.

About MacKenzie Scott’s father – Jason Baker Tuttle

MacKenzie Scott’s father Jason Tuttle is a former financial planner. He owned a small investment firm known as “The J. Baker Tuttle Corp” in San Francisco. But sadly, the SEC barred him around 1989 because he was unable to pay his clients. At the time, it was reported that Jason Tuttle had funded his “lavish” lifestyle with his clients’ money, hence his inability to pay them. Tuttle filed for bankruptcy and moved with his family to Florida two years before the incident.

About MacKenzie Scott’s mother – Holiday Robin (née Cuming)

Mackenzie Scott’s mother Holiday Robin is a housewife. Holiday is the daughter of G. Scott Cuming, a former executive at El Paso Natural Gas. Scott’s mother is a private person hence her details are currently scarce.

MacKenzie Scott’s siblings 

MacKenzie Scott’s siblings are her two younger brothers. The names of MacKenzie Scott’s brothers are Jason Tuttle Junior and Chandler Tuttle.

a. Jason Tuttle Jr

Jason Tuttle Jr is the immediate younger brother of MacKenzie Scott. He is the most private of the Tuttle siblings. In fact, there is no information about Tuttle Jr that is available online apart from his name.

b. Chandler Tuttle

Chandler Tuttle is MacKenzie Scott’s youngest brother. Just like MacKenzie, Chandler is a writer. He is also a director. Since 2009, Scott’s brother has worked as a creative director for the Oslo Freedom Forum. 

MacKenzie Scott’s wiki profile

Full nameMacKenzie Scott Tuttle
Place of birth            San Francisco, California 
Date of birthApril 7, 1970
Age52 years old
Marital statusDivorced
Husband N/A
Height   5″7 ft (1.72m)
Net worthest. $31.5 billion

How MacKenzie Scott started her career

MacKenzie Scott started her career in 1992 as a research associate at D. E. Shaw & Co, an investment management firm based in New York City. She met her now estranged husband Jeff Bezos at the firm. Shortly after they married, Scott and Jeff moved to Seattle to start an online bookstore (Amazon). Even though starting Amazon was entirely Bezos’ idea, MacKenzie Scott fully supported him by working in almost every department. She also put her writing career on hold to ensure the company was established.

MacKenzie took a break from working at Amazon when the company gained ground and could afford many employees. The 52-year-old author decided to focus on raising her kids and also her writing career. In 2005, Scott released her first novel titled “The Testing of Luther Albright.” And eight years later (in 2013), she published another novel titled “Traps.”

MacKenzie Scott’s marriage and husbands

As of the time of publishing this article (October 2022), MacKenzie Scott is divorced and does not have a husband. The author has been married and divorced twice. She was previously married to her first husband, Jeff Bezos in 1993 but they divorced in 2019 after 25 years of marriage. About two years later (in 2021), Scott married her second husband, Dan Jewett, a former high school teacher. Scott and Jewett’s marriage lasted for less than two years as they called it quits in 2022.

MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos were married for 25 years before their divorce in 2019.

About MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos’ relationship

MacKenzie Scott first met former world’s richest man and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in 1992. Then, Bezos was the senior vice president of D. E. Shaw, an investment management firm. Scott, on the other hand, had just joined the firm as a research associate and later became Bezos’ assistant. The two started as colleagues but ended up as lovers. 

MacKenzie Scott and Bezos got engaged three months after Scott asked him out on a lunch date. They had a low-key wedding in 1993 because they were not famous at the time. One year after their wedding, they quit their jobs to pursue Jeff Bezos’ business idea (Amazon). Scott and Jeff Bezos moved to Seattle where they established Amazon while living humbly in a one-bedroom apartment. They also started a family there. Together, Jeff Bezos and Scott welcomed four children – including an adopted daughter from China. Their 25 years of marriage seemed to be flourishing until they announced their divorce in 2019 – to the shock of many.

MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos divorce

In January 2019, Jeff Bezos took to his Twitter page to announce that he and MacKenzie Scott were getting a divorce. Fast forward to July 2019, the former couple updated the public on Twitter that they had finalized their divorce while affirming that they are still friends. Following Scott’s split from Jeff, she became Forbes’ third richest woman in the world having received 4% of Amazon shares, which was estimated at over $38 billion as of then. Meanwhile, Scott donated over $4 billion out of the money to Americans struggling due to COVID-19.

Cheating rumours

While the actual reason for their divorce was not disclosed by them, a tabloid reported that Bezos had cheated on Scott with entertainment journalist Lauren Sánchez. The news was controversial especially because Lauren was also married at the time. However, after Sánchez and Bezos divorced their respective spouses, they went public as lovers. MacKenzie, on the other hand, began dating high school teacher Dan Jewett following her split from Bezos even though they only made their affair public after they married in 2021.

Jeff Bezos with his new lover Lauren Sánchez

About MacKenzie Scott’s second husband – Dan Jewett

MacKenzie Scott’s second husband Dan Jewett is a former high school teacher. Jewett was born on March 6, 1975; he is 47 years old as of October 2022. Dan reportedly taught chemistry at Lakeside School in Seattle – the same school Scott’s kids attend. According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, Scott and Dan Jewett met through the school. Meanwhile, they kept their romance private until March 2021 when Dan Jewett openly declared their marriage via a fundraising site. In September 2022, MacKenzie Scott filed for divorce from Jewett after the crash of their marriage of about 18 months.

MacKenzie Scott and her second husband Dan Jewett

MacKenzie Scott’s boyfriends

Interestingly, MacKenzie Scott’s two publicly known relationships are her marriages to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and then to Dan Jewett, her second husband after she and Bezos divorced.

MacKenzie Scott’s kids

As of October 2022, MacKenzie Scott and her ex-husband, Jeff Bezos have a total of four children (three boys and one girl). Scott’s kids include her three biological sons and one adopted daughter from China.

List of MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos’ kids

  • Preston Bezos
  • Others’ names are unknown as of the time of writing.
Jeff Bezos and his first son Preston Bezos.

About MacKenzie Scott’s kids

MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos’ first child’s name is Preston Bezos. The ex-couple welcomed Preston in 2000, just about seven years after their wedding in 1993. Scott’s first child is 22 years old as of October 2022. According to reports, Preston studies at his parents’ alma mater – Princeton University.

The billionaire author and her ex-husband Bezos are very private about their kids, especially the younger ones. Hence, information about them is currently scarce in the media. However, their youngest child and only daughter, whose name is currently unknown, was adopted from China a few years ago.

MacKenzie Scott’s net worth

As of October 2022, MacKenzie Scott’s net worth is estimated at $31.5 billion, thanks to her 4% stake in Amazon.

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