Ms Baxter ‘Bubble Guts’ teacher who farted mid-lecture is FAKE

A video of a tutor who farted in the middle of her online class and tried to blame her students for it went viral on social media some months ago.

In the video, the teacher Ms. Baxter is seen releasing a pack of “bubble guts” on two occasions and then blaming her students after the incident. Her pretence was caught short after her students told her she had them on mute the whole time – meaning the loud farting noises could only have come from Ms Baxter herself.

As the video spreads around different social media platforms, some users have been curious to know what school Ms Baxter teaches at and what happened to her afterwards. Some social media users even erroneously reported that poor Ms Baxter had to quit her job after the disgraceful incident.

As we do, our team set out to work to find answers. And we discovered that the video is not even real to start with. The entire Ms Baxter and her classroom setup was a scripted skit by YouTube creator Harold Hodge (@haroldemort).

The classroom setup including Ms Baxter herself are all actors in the skit. We also found out that the lady playing Ms Baxter is actually an actress named Gloria Sauve.

We also found that the original video was posted on July 9, 2020, meaning the video is over three years old. This makes sense because 2020 was the COVID era and the pandemic could have been what inspired the content. @haroldemort also doesn’t seem to still be active on YouTube. The link to the original video can be found here.

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