Which Barbie is Dua Lipa in the movie?

In case you missed it, in addition to providing the track “Dance the Night” for the Barbie movie soundtrack album, English and Albanian singer Dua Lipa also appeared in the movie as one of the Barbies!

So which Barbie is Dua Lipa? Lipa played Mermaid Barbie, sharing about two scenes in the movie with her Merman Ken (played by John Cena). Lipa’s “Dance the Night” was used in the Dreamhouse dance choreography at the beginning of the film.

List of the Barbies in the Barbie movie (2023)

1Margot RobbieStereotypical Barbie
2Issa RaePresident Barbie
3Kate McKinnonWeird Barbie
4Alexandra ShippWriter Barbie
5Emma MackeyPhysicist Barbie
6Hari NefDoctor Barbie
7Sharon RooneyLawyer Barbie
8Ana Cruz KayneJudge Barbie
9Ritu AryaJournalist Barbie
10Dua LipaMermaid Barbie
11Nicola CoughlanDiplomat Barbie
12Emerald FennellPregnant Midge

What role did John Cena play in the Barbie movie?

So hard to miss! Actor and WWE wrestler John Cena was in the 2023 Barbie movie. Cena played one of the Kens (the Merman Ken), sharing about two scenes in the movie with his Mermaid Barbie (played by Dua Lipa).

List of Kens in the Barbie movie (2023)

1Ryan GoslingBeach Ken
2Simu LiuTourist Ken/Rival Ken
3Kingsley Ben-AdirBasketball Ken
4Ncuti GatwaArtist Ken
5Scott EvansStereotypical Ken
6John CenaMerman Ken
7Michael CeraAllan
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