Why did Sean Evans break up with Melissa Stratton?

Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton

Who is Sean Evans?

Sean Evans is an American YouTuber, producer, and writer who gained fame as the host of “Hot Ones.” The show is a YouTube interview series where Evans interviews celebrities while they eat increasingly spicy chicken wings. Besides “Hot Ones,” he has hosted other shows like “Beyond the Loop” (2014).

Sean Evans was born on April 26, 1986, in Evanston, Chicago, the United States to his parents: Michael Evans (father) and Donna Arthofer (mother). As of May 2024, Sean Evans is 38 years old.

Sean Evans’ father, Michael Evans

About Sean Evans’ parents and siblings

Sean Evans’ parents are Michael Evans (father) and Donna Arthofer (mother). The YouTuber also has a brother called Gavin Evans. Detailed information about Sean’s parents and his siblings is currently unavailable.

About Sean Evans’ marriage and wedding

As of May 2024, Sean Evans is neither married nor officially engaged to anyone. While the YouTuber is currently unmarried, he has been in a couple of relationships. This includes his most recent relationship with his former girlfriend, Melissa Stratton.

List of women Sean Evans has dated

Aside from Melissa Stratton, Sean Evans dated his ex-girlfriend, Miss California USA 2015, Natasha Alexis Martinez. The former couple reportedly started dating in 2018. However, they kept their relationship quiet until 2019, when they went official on Instagram. The details of when and why Sean and Alexis broke up remain unclear.

Who is Melissa Stratton?

Melissa Stratton is an American adult film actress and social media influencer. She has appeared in several adult films and has worked with other actors including Adam Grandmaison (known professionally as Adam22).

Melissa Stratton was born on September 14, 1989. As of May 2024, she is 34 years old.

Sean Evans’ ex-girlfriend, Melissa Stratton

About Sean Evans’ relationship with Melissa Stratton

According to reports gathered by DNB Stories Africa, Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton became an item in November 2023. However, their relationship took the internet by storm in February 2024, during the Super Bowl weekend. While they were dating, the former couple made some public appearances, including the Super Bowl LVIII game in Las Vegas.

Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton dated for a short period. Therefore, details of their relationship timeline are scarce in the media

About Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton’s break-up

Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton dated for only two months before breaking up on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2024). Evans reportedly ended the relationship over the phone, the day after their romance made the headlines due to Melissa’s profession as an adult film actress. This brought them under serious criticism from fans worldwide.

Stratton was caught off guard by the breakup because she believed she and Evans had a genuine spark. According to her, Evans gave her permission to share pictures of them from the Super Bowl event they attended together days before their breakup. Although he also shared some of the pictures from the event, he left Melissa out of each post. Stratton claimed that she felt Evans was feeling pressured after their relationship went public.

However, the adult movie star didn’t waste time before moving on. In fact, she responded to the breakup news on her IG story and even granted TMZ an interview.

Stratton wrote on Instagram:

“Ok well, happy Valentine’s Day to me”.

Melissa also shared a video of herself hanging out with fellow adult movie star, Johnny Sins, on Instagram.

Sean Evans broke up with Melissa Stratton because he wanted their relationship to remain private.

About Sean Evans’ children

As of the time of writing (May 2024), Sean Evans has no children. He has not expressed any interest in having them either.

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