I Just Love Loveth – Fan Gushes

So we received this from a DNB fan:

“I just love Loveth so much. I see a lot of myself in her. Please let nothing happen to Loveth. Please, DNB people, please, I beg you!!!”


This won’t be the first time we’ll be receiving an emotional message about Loveth in the popular DNB Series — Roommates.

Well, right now we cannot tell yet which #Roommate will be going, until Daniel approves the final episode of Roommates 4 for posting.

Till then you can still save your favorite roommate HERE!

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2 Comments on “I Just Love Loveth – Fan Gushes”

  1. Danny all the roomates are in your palm,you can squese of life out of anyone you feel like.
    Our voting or sugestion is not changing anything!

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