Why black men have bigger penises

by Staff writer

Some people say it’s only just a myth but below is a size chart showing average penis size by race.

According to the chart, black men have, on average, slightly larger members than other races.

Individual results will vary, of course.

So why do black men have bigger members?

Loretta A Cormier, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Alabama attributes the variation in penis size to evolution.

And, according to Cormier, it was women who directed this evolution of the penis.

Ancient women chose to mate with men whose penises they preferred. Over time, those decisions resulted in the evolution of a penis that suited the desires of women.

Simply put, women’s social choices had serious evolutionary consequences for the male body.

Variations in penis size boil down to the evolutionary pressures associated with reproduction and these pressures vary from species to species.

Another scientist that has described how evolution has helped shape the appearance of the human penis is biologist Darren Curnoe.

According to Curnoe, the size of a primate’s genitalia comes from the level of competition involved in impregnating females.

Curnoe believes the size of the human male penis can also be partially explained by our upright posture.

Walking on two feet leaves the penis out in the open with the possibility of attracting females.

Since human females don’t make themselves readily available for sex like the other female primates [chimpanzees, for instance] do, the human male penis must therefore “advertise” itself.

And there is no better way a penis can “advertise” itself than becoming larger, or longer, or thicker!

This somehow makes a lot of sense being that the majority of ancient African men in the past wore very revealing clothing, thereby making the penis much easier to see and assess by a potential mate.

Some cultures even involved rituals and ceremonies where men gather together and display their endowments for the women to choose!

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23 Comments on “Why black men have bigger penises”

  1. The only 2 Scientific studies that have been conducted (Dr Masters and by Dr Kinsey) on penis size showed when the two studies are averaged together that there was no racial difference between Blacks and Whites. Most African studies have been "self measured" studies which is why those countries have an "enhanced" size compared to African Americans. Blacks do not have bigger penises than other races as proved in America, the African "studies" are not properly measured hence the rise in average length for blacks.

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    2. I’m a white male South African and I can say black males do not have bigger penis’ in actual fact the Afrikaans white male had the biggest penis in the gym of Virgin Active gyms I saw all the members and African men are in average smaller than the white Afrikaans man

  2. Who said anything about only blacks and whites? There are more races shown on the graph then just blacks and whites, stop being insecure.

    1. Thank you for that. I’m white German and over my youth my penis has shrunk depending on my diet, exercise and medications from 9″ to 5″. Only recently (now 41 and after 10 years) has it begun to grow again with me finding new ways to get aroused. Now back to 7.5″ and I’m happy with that.

      I’ve seen plenty of Asian (Indian, Japanese etc) dicks that are super thick and long. Unless your gonna search all men in the world u will never know. Still want some chocolate cream pie tho………..

  3. I’m South African so I know the black male is not bigger as in gym we all get naked and it’s actually in fact the Afrikaans white male that has the big penis so myth totally busted

    1. Your clearly self conscious because there’s more black men then just in African black males. There are black men in the USA as well as the uk, Jamaica, Columbia as well as other countries France etc. Regardless of where you are clearly African white males are the same mindset as white men of the USA, anytime there is a study showing that they don’t beat everyone else they have to explain why they’re right and studies are wrong. Who cares about penis size everyone has one.

  4. Great Article And from personal experience I would have to say chocolate is much more bigger the rest also.

  5. Im a gay dude, kind of a penis expert. Id say asian dudes tend to be smaller, white guys are kinda average, and most of the black dudes ive been with have been larger, have more stamina and can put in the work. Just my experience.

    1. I’m a gay dude as well. My opiniom and experience is different. The biggest penis I Have seen was black, but two smallet ones were black too… All the others were average, Just like white. Not small, but not big, about 6 to 7 inches. Not much experience with other races to form an oponion.

  6. Gay Male and Athlete, I dated and seen many types and races of men with all types of penis length. Black men clearly have larger in both length and width in the penis department…one thing though they tend to not get as hard as the average White of Asian penis in my humble experience…as noted above they also excell in the stamina department.

  7. Averages are averages. However the largest, thickest and longest I’ve ever saw where all black. That’s what Magnums are for.

  8. When I was in the military back in the 70’s I saw a lot of naked black and white men. In the flaccid state I saw no real difference. However, there was always one or two white and black guys with obviously big dicks. At least when they were flaccid. I actually saw more big dick white guys than black. One last thing, these well endowed guys were all in the average height range of 5’8″ to 5’10”. I didn’t see any tall guys with the big packages.

  9. i definitely can say my black fuck buddy who just happens to be a sub for some reason has a huge dick but and im white so i find it really whack that i have just about as much dick size and i actually have a shitload more stamina(talkin like 4.5 hours ifucked this guy’s brains out)

  10. It’s just a stereotype that porn made to be bigger (no pun intended) than the reality of it. I’ve even seen an interview with a black pornstar saying a german pornstar who was white had a bigger piece than he even had. It’s just what sells due to it being art in a sense. Black man. White woman.

    Honestly, I’d like to see more black women with white men. You want to talk about a real racist injustice. They don’t nearly get enough screen time.

  11. I call BS on the evolutionary explanation in this article. In primates it’s all about dominance and in a natural group setting the big piece males are on average always larger and more dominant. Not because of the big piece. The big piece is simply, on average, attached to the bigger males and bigger males are on average more dominant, which means they mate with more females. That’s the evolutionary drive for bigger penises in primitive primate-like cultures that existed much longer (and continue to exist) in the so called third world areas. It has nothing to do withe “advertising”. The “normal” sizes are therefore more prevalent in more advanced societies where dominance or aggression don’t play such an important role in mating success. In other words, you’ll find, on average, a larger number of big penises amongst dominant males in any ethnic group. Visual attraction to bigger pieces, bigger breasts, bigger butts etc is modern man’s cultural nonsense. An average 15 cm sized penis is in no way deficient compared to a 25 cm penis. It can be actually the other way around, because the average vagina depth is around 14 cm, so mating with a 25+ cm piece male is uncomfortable or even painful to most females. It is not uncommon that a big piece males have trouble having sex because a large penis is also on average thicker and makes penetration more difficult, sometimes even impossible and won’t fit fully inside the vagina, which lowers the male’s “pleasure index”. So to sum it up, the obsession with large penises is a modern cultural perversion and most “good girls” will prefer an average sized piece to a macho trunk. That is why the porn industry prefers big pieces. Both the porn industry’s men and women are the carriers of cultural perversion and have, on average, bigger penises and vaginas, which do not represent the global average males and females. They actually represent the primate-like primitive social portion of population in advanced society. Not primitive intellectually, but behaviourally. Let me make it clear that people come in different shapes and sizes, so variation in behaviour is neither unexpected nor bad. It is simply a fact of life and a part of being a higher primate, and in a modern law governing society the porn industry and its related social groups are the healthy arena for this evolutionary heritage.

  12. It seems that I have read a story before where females have different sized vagina’s and they even had them broken down by the category of size. That being said, a woman with a shallower vagina will need a smaller sized penis for compatibility. You can’t expect a 9 inch penis to penetrate a shallow vagina and it be mutually pleasurable for both parties. I am not overly well versed on gay men, but I do know that the anus and rectum have size variations according to depth. I would imagine a lot of gay men will accommodate larger penis size. I know I have heard some Down Low men explain that they rather have sex with a gay man as he has more depth and they are more likely to get it all in. In short, there really is someone for everyone and you can attempt to “display” your penis if you like, but we all wear clothes and being covered up don’t give a real glimpse of what anyone is packing. I know a friend that wears briefs, gym short and regular jeans and he says it is to flatten out any bulges. I have seen some guys wear loose fitting pajama bottom type pants and loose fitting sweats, but they will show everything if they are not careful with how they move. I don’t see it often, but there has been a time or two that the dick print was visible and I quickly looked away as I didn’t want to calculate size in my mind. I put it this way, it probably rank on some of the longest flaccid like 7 inches or so and I am sure that is more than the average man has fully erect. Both times, the long flaccid one was on a black man.

  13. It most certainly is a myth but if your self-esteem needs to believe it, hey man. More power to you. I happen to be a Ghanaian with excellent self-esteem. I don’t need to believe lies to feel good about being black.

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