What is the meaning of DNB in DNB Stories? Answer and Win!

by Staff writer

A question we get asked everyday…

“What does DNB mean?”

So let’s play a little game and find out how well you know DNB Stories.

Tell us what you think DNB means and you might get something from us!

Maybe this beautiful pair of Air Jordan sneakers!

Or this very clean London-used Samsung S4

Or this majestic red-lips wall art

Or this delicious meal of white bread and jam

Or this home-made mixed fruits smoothie (made by Gloria Ezeh)

Or this basket of imported red onions (all the way from Hungary)

Or this organic-cultivated vitamin-enriched tatashe peppers

Please don’t forget to leave your comments with a name!

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9 Comments on “What is the meaning of DNB in DNB Stories? Answer and Win!”

  1. am thinking Daniel Nkado Books… dat samsung s4 shud b as clean as possible tnks..am also thinking of soliticizin 4 d LGBT community thanks nd happy Sunday y'all…Great Prospero z d name.

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