Alexis Ohanian talks being called ‘Serena’s husband’ and it isn’t what many expected


by Staff writer

How do you feel when married to someone more famous than you?

As co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian is a well-recognized tech entrepreneur, but he is married to one of the most famous athletes in the world — Serena Williams.

But the most lovely thing is that Mr Ohanian is not intimidated by his wife’s fame at all.

In a Twitter thread early on Wednesday, Alexis Ohanian talked about his marriage to Serena Williams, and one fan decided to ask him about it, tweeting, “Do you get salty being described as Serena’s husband?”

In response, Ohanian wrote,

“I don’t mind at all. Only a few hundred million people use @reddit every month and only a small percentage of them know who I am. (Far, far more people have cheered for my wife; specifically, for the last two decades) Just math!”

Ohanian didn’t downplay his success, noting that he does get recognized by some Reddit users, and particularly in certain cities, like San Francisco.

But he still noted that his wife’s recognition far outweighs his own, and he doesn’t mind being referred to as “Serena’s husband.”

Williams and Ohanian are incredibly successful in their own fields, but he doesn’t see that as a competition or as a threat to their relationship.

His tweet shows that he isn’t insecure about how renowned his wife is — in fact, it makes him love her even more.

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One thought on “Alexis Ohanian talks being called ‘Serena’s husband’ and it isn’t what many expected

  1. And what's wrong with him being addressed as her husband, that's the way they address ladies all the time. And yes I am a feminist.

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