Full biography of American comedian, Terrence K. Williams

Who is Terrence K. Williams?

Terrence K. Williams is a popular American actor, comedian and social media influencer who came into fame after posting a viral Facebook Live video in 2016. Williams has since amassed a huge social media following and has become famous for his conservative and satirical content on social media, some of which have stirred viral controversies on different platforms.

Terrence K. Williams has appeared on several American media outlets including Hannity and The Greg Gutfeld Show, and has also been a featured comedian on The Deplorables Tour.

Full data profile of American comedian, Terrence K. Williams

Full NameTerrence Kentell Williams
Age29 years
BirthdaySeptember 9, 1991
State of originOklahoma City
Marital StatusSingle
CareerActor, comedian, social commentator and
social media personality  

Terrence K. Williams’ childhood

Terrence K. Williams was born in Oklahoma City. He also spent most of his early life there. Williams is one of 10 siblings. His mother was a drug addict and he had to spend most of his childhood in and out of foster homes until he was adopted at the age of 15 by a reliable couple.

Terrence K. Williams’ education

There is currently no available information regarding Terrence K. Williams’ education and it is not known if he attended college or not.

Terrence K. Williams’ comedy career

Terrence K. Williams’ career in comedy kickstarted in 2016 after he made a hilarious Facebook live feed.

The next day his regular 2 views turned into over 42 million. This encouraged him to put more effort into comedy by uploading viral-worthy videos and participating in live shows. By 2019, Williams made his national TV debut on the top-rated cable news show, Hannity, on Fox News. He also gained more national recognition after an old video of his conspiracy theory about the Jeffrey Epstein case was retweeted by Donald Trump.

Inspired by his poor background, Terrence K. Williams has dedicated part of his platform and comedic career to improving the lives of underprivileged children everywhere.

Terrence K. Williams’ acting career

Asides comedy, Terrence K. Williams is also an actor who has appeared in over five movies. He is known for his roles in Tactical Girl (2016), The Pizza Joint (2020) and Tango Down (2019)

Terrence K. Williams’ book

Terrence K. Williams recently released his book, From the Foster House to the White House on October 15, 2020. The book chronicles Williams’ journey from his humble background and deprived upbringing to attaining fame and success.

Terrence K. Williams’ support for Donald Trump

Terrence K. Williams is a die-hard supporter of Donald Trump and most of his social media posts reflect this. One of his most controversial posts was his humourous analysis of the Epstein suicide case where he directs all accusations to the Clintons. The video earned Williams huge popularity in 2018 when Donald Trump retweeted the content on his official Twitter handle. Throughout 2020, Terrence K. Williams dedicated his social media pages to promoting Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

Terrence K. Williams’ awards and nominations

Terrence has not received any awards or nominations but he has been recognized by American celebrity president, Donald Trump. Because of his pro-Trump tweets, Williams was given the opportunity to speak at the White House on October 12, 2018.

Terrence K. Williams’ marriage/dating profile

Despite his big celebrity status, Terrence K. Williams likes to keep his personal life private and has not said much about his past or current relationships nor has he given any hint of his sexual orientation.

Terrence K. Williams’ net worth

Terrence K Williams’ estimated net worth falls within the range of $100,000 to $500,000.

Terrence K. Williams’ Instagram and other social media accounts

Terrence K. Williams’ Instagram handle is @terrencekwilliams. His Twitter handle is @w_terrence.

Other interesting facts to know about Terrence K. Williams

In 2019, Terrence K. Williams was involved in an auto accident on his way to the White House on a Lyft ride. It was said to have happened in Maryland, Baltimore. He barely survived with a fractured neck and broken spine.

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