5 important things every blogger must know

by Staff writer

With the number of websites springing up on a daily, blogging is becoming increasingly competitive.

These 5 essential tips will help you stand out as a blogger:

1. Know your blogging platform

Whether you are working on WordPress or Blogger, you need to take out time to learn about the basics. You should not need to run to a web developer for minor configurations and settings you can apply. Also, having a good knowledge of your blogging platform can help you best describe what you want to a professional.

2. Know about SEO

A good knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help you create content that are easily visible online, thereby driving tonnes of organic traffic to your blog.

3. Learn how to write

You can’t really call yourself a blogger if you cannot write. In fact, as a blogger, you don’t just need to know how to write but you must know how to write excellently.

4. Learn about social media interaction

Even if you don’t like Facebook or Twitter, for the sake of your blog you must learn how to use and interact with them. Having a good knowledge of social media will ultimately help in the growth and success of your blog.

5. Learn about monetization methods

There are a thousand and one methods to make money off of blogging and it is your responsibility to research and know what works best for your blog and brand.


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