7 of the strangest places Nigerian men make passes

by Miz Tee

Let’s face it: finding love these days requires extra effort, and in most cases, this might mean going out of all the conventional methods of finding a partner we are used to.

Online dating, they say, is easier and simpler, but it hasn’t proven to be 100% efficient, has it?

Otherwise, the enormous population of single people we have today won’t exist.

Shooting shots is not a bad thing and devising efficient and harmless ways to land a shot is not necessarily bad, but some Nigerian men can overdo this.

Here is a list of very odd places Nigerian men have been known to try to woo women:

1. Danfo or BRT

The Lagos part of Nigeria operates a bus transport system called danfo. They are those yellow buses you see almost everywhere in Lagos.

Another popular transport system in Lagos is the BRT. The full meaning of Lagos BRT is Bus Rapid Transit. This is a system of buses that run on designated lanes from Ikorodu to CMS Bus Stop on the island.

Millions of Lagosians use these transport systems daily. Danfo buses are anything but comfortable. They are not air-conditioned and there is hardly enough space for the passengers.

Imagine struggling with the heat of Lagos and someone is tapping you to talk “one thing-one thing”.

2. Inside Keke

Tricycles used in Nigeria are called Keke Napep. Just like the danfo bus, Keke Napeps are usually crowded and operate only for short distances. Certainly not the ideal place for small talks.

3. Market

Lagos markets are always excessively packed and busy. Pickpocketing is very common. Imagine trying to safeguard your bag and items from potential pickpockets and bag snatchers and someone stops you to talk about irrelevancies.

4. Church!

Trust Nigerians. Some even go to church these days just for the sole purpose of hooking up. Imagine coming out from the church hall filled full with the Holy Spirit only for one horny fellow to stop you with a fresh proposal for sin.

5. At a job interview

Of course, you can tell someone they smell nice — I do not think there is anything wrong with that. But, see, if you decide to turn your job interview into an avenue to start shooting full-blown shots, you are on your own o.

And it doesn’t matter if you are targeting your interviewer or your co-job-seekers.

6. Hospitals

I was once waiting at the hospital lobby as my sister goes into the delivery room. This smiling guy sitting next to me just tapped to start making talks. He was really cute but definitely not the right mood to pay him any attention.

I just told him I’d prefer to be left alone and faced another way.

7. Funerals

Nigerians do this and it’s a huge facepalm scenario!!! 


In conclusion, you can shoot shots anywhere as long as the target is in the mood for that. Otherwise, just respect people’s personal space and move ahead.

A simple question of “Are you in the mood to talk?” is all it takes to know if the person wants to mingle or not.

Just ask:

And who knows, you might get this:

Good places to shoot shots in Nigeria include:

a. At the mall

b. At clubs and bars

c. At the beach

d. On online platforms, etc.


Miz Tee is a senior writer at DNB Stories!

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