‘I will betray my country’ – Diane Russet’s old comment on Mawuli Gavor’s page

Social media investigators have dug out an old comment ex-BBNaija housemate Diane Russet left on Mawuli Gavor’s Instagram page.

On the post which was made two years ago by Mawuli Gavor, Diane commented: “I would betray my country for this Ghanaian Jollof.”

Mawuli Gavor had posted an image of himself posing with another male model in 2018 – before BBNaija Pepper Dem – with the caption “Why fight when you can have both” – in reference to the long-lasted war between Nigerians and Ghanaians over who has the better jollof.

Reacting to the post in the mood of playful warmth, Diane Russet said he would betray Nigeria and pick Ghanaian Jollof instead, which is Mawuli Gavor.

Mawuli Gavor is a Ghanaian actor and model based in Lagos. Considered hot by many ladies (and some guys), Mawuli Gavor has appeared in several Nigerian movies and TV shows and has modelled for many Nigerian brands.

During an episode of the BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion show, it was revealed that housemate Diane Russet has had something to do with Mawuli Gavor, to the hurt of fellow housemate Elozonam’s feeling.

Elozonam and Diane during the BBNaija Pepper Dem reality show shared a relationship in the house that drew much positive attention, eventually leading to the establishment of the love title “Dialo” which is a portmanteau word coined from the two’s names.

It was revealed during the Pepper Dem Reunion show that the two has not maintained their relationship post-Big Brother house, of which a chunk of the issue was linked to Diane’s involvement with Mawuli Gavor.

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