Radio presenter and ‘Wetin Dey’ host Iya Jogbo of Max FM is dead

Popular broadcaster and radio presenter Emmanuella Pobeni Adepoju is dead.

Emmanuella Adepoju who is popularly known as Iya Jogbo worked with Max FM before her death.

Family sources confirm Iya Jogbo died after a brief illness. She was said to have suffered an episode of bronchitis and an enlarged heart.

The management of TVC Communications who also owns Max FM Lagos and Abuja has confirmed and expressed sadness over Iya Jogbo’s death.

Part of the TVC statement on Iya Jogbo’s death reads: “Whilst we struggle to come to terms with her untimely passing, our hearts and minds are focused solely on her beloved children and her immediate and extended family and friends.”

Before her death on Friday, July 24, Iya Jogbo was popular for her witty character on Max FM’s “Wetin Dey” show alongside co-presenters Walepowpowpow and Obus.

Iya Jogbo’s career in broadcasting spanned over 25 years, starting with an internship with the then Radio Lagos in 1995. Iya Jogbo was one of the most well-known radio presenters in Nigeria before her death.

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