LAUTECH student who allegedly ran mad in Ekiti says she is now fine

The LAUTECH student who was filmed acting in a strange manner in Ekiti State on Saturday, August 22, has said she is fine and did not run mad as people speculated.

In the August 22 video, the LAUTECH student identified simply as Teegold (@tgold8489 on Instagram) jumped down from a bike and began speaking incoherently and running after a man and kneeling down in his front to beg for deliverance from demons.

Her uncoordinated actions in the video led to people concluding she has run mad. Teegold has spoken out concerning the video and assured her friends that she is well.

The LAUTECH said in an Instagram video that she didn’t run mad. She also told everyone that she’s “perfectly fine and sound in health”.

She didn’t explain what exactly happened to her on Saturday, August 22, and ignored questions relating to that. Some of Teegold’s friends also confirmed she is now alright.

Though she did not say exactly what caused her unruly behaviour in the viral video, some social media users speculated that she must have been under the influence of drugs and advised her to desist from taking drugs.

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