I am not in a relationship with Erica, Kiddwaya says

Evicted BBNaija Lockdown housemate Kiddwaya who is currently doing his media rounds sat down with Beat FM today to discuss life inside and outside the BBNaija show.

Kiddwaya was asked during the interview about his relationship with fellow BBNaija housemate Erica whom he had started an intimate affair with while in Big Brother’s house. The 27-year-old businessman from Benue State made it clear that he is currently not in a relationship with Erica.

The interviewer asked: “Are we gonne see it like you are in a relationship, or where is that at for you?”

Kiddwaya answered:

“What you are gonne see is Erica conquering her world and me conquering my world. And people are always gonne try and group us together. I have always said that I admire her a lot. I think she should get the respect that she is an individual. I think in this country we like to attach a woman to a man. She is powerful in her own right and I want to give her that right too. For people to actually look at her and be like she doesn’t need me and I don’t her – she is her own individual.”

Kiddwaya added:

“Of course I admire her and there will always gonne be that connection between me and her and I’m pretty sure we will work out some things in the future. But as far as a relationship, I think she is focusing on herself and I’m focusing on myself. And that is where we are for now.”

Watch the video of Kiddwaya’s interview with Beat FM below:

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