Adeyinka Grandson – the man who gave Igbos 48 hours to leave Yorubaland

In a video currently making the rounds on social media, a man named Adeyinka Grandson claiming to be the leader of Young Yoruba for Freedom (YYF) – a Yoruba secessionist group agitating for Oduduwa Republic – said he has given all people of Igbo origin living in Yorubaland 48 hours to leave or be dealt with mercilessly.

Adeyinka Grandson in his threat video said from Monday, October 26, all vehicles will be stopped and checked and any Igbo person found still living in Yorubaland will be seriously dealt with.

Watch the video of Adeyinka Grandson threatening Igbos below:

Adeyinka Grandson who lives in the UK was arrested last year (2019) over threatening posts made on social media against non-Yoruba ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command in 2019 said Adeyinka Grandson was arrested for “stirring racial discrimination” against the Igbo and Fulani ethnic groups and also “encouraging terrorism”.

Described as a Yoruba supremacist in the media, Adeyinka Grandson is known for making inciting statements against non-Yoruba ethnic groups and threatening harm on them.

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10 Comments on “Adeyinka Grandson – the man who gave Igbos 48 hours to leave Yorubaland”

  1. You be very stupid and that your plan to bring ethnic war in Nigeria will not work but the war/confusion between you and your family members will arise.
    I taught you are educated but you speak like a senseless illiterate.

  2. This boy is on moling drug or something abi na Colorado, him parents no bring am up well, u for dey here with us to help u send them away, moron one condom could have prevented a fool like you to be born a terrorist u better give yourself brain or we will reset ur brain for you.. Idiot

  3. I don’t think this fellow has witnessed a war before.ask your parent about the BIAFRA war,I guess you will stop all this nonsense your doing.
    And if they are paying you to do all of this,be careful,money is not everything.or your doing it for social influence,be more careful because what your doing is no child play.
    I don’t want to join others to curse you because if I do,hmm,you may run mad instantly because your joking with peoples Life..
    Your major Role as the president of YYF is to strengthen the peace of the Nation..God bless You.

  4. I wan beat am. Na wetin go make me happy now. If I beat am, I fit cool down for all the lives and property wey pipo lost for dis Endsars. Make we fix time and date for surulere stadium na d place I wan fight am.

  5. If only he knows what the word ethnic war mean then things would have a little bit more different. Because even himself will be affected by it. But no problem, if e sure for him then him come to Nigeria and say it……….. Ignoramus gbengbentus

  6. Adeyinka Grandson
    You are nothing but A HEADLESS GOAT. You like to talk Rubbish. Very glad to know you are currently classified as A TERRORIST/RACIST.
    You are too small A FISH to fry.
    Look at a very young man speaking like an Idiotic elder. Even your Grandfather can do nothing. Why pose empty threats at the Igbos and why hide Ur social media contact you are not a COWARD. YOU KNOW THE NON YORUBAS WILL COME FOR YOU. I NEED TO PUT SOME SOCKS IN THAT SEWAGE YOU CALL MOUTH. SMELLY MOUTH THAT PEWS SMELLY RUBBISH.

  7. Adeyinka Grandson, is a sociopath, he is not in a good frame of mind. No reasonable person will talk this way. He is not speaking for Yoruba people but for himself and fools like him and should be ignored.

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