7 interesting facts about the Mpape Crushed Rock tourist site in Abuja

There is a new tourist site in the Mpape area of Abuja and this one’s discovery is a little bit intriguing.

What is today known as the Mpape Crushed Rock was once an abandoned quarry site located within a slum settlement.

So how did it all happen? Well, an interesting lake formed in the middle of rocks and lush greenery settled at the top of the rocks, and with the coronavirus restricting travel, residents began to look within to discover interesting places around them they have all these while neglected.

If you are planning to visit the Crushed Rock in Mpape, here are five interesting details you need to know:

1. Location

The Crushed Rock site is located at Mpape, a poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of Abuja. Much of Mpape is rocky – in fact, the name Mpape means “rock” in the local Gwari language.

Mpape village is about 10-minute drive away from the centre of Abuja city and is home to Abuja’s largest slum settlements. It is known that much of the stone used to build the eye-catching infrastructures we see in Abuja came from Mpape, as far back as in the 80s.

Here is a map direction to the Crushed Rock in Mpape. You can access the location of the Crushed Rock through the Maitama-Garui Road, Abuja.

Children relaxing at the Mpape Crushed Rock – Photo credit – Fatima Muhammad (BBC)

2. Formation

Contrary to what’s mostly believed – the Crushed Rock in Mpape is not new and neither did it just form. The quarry has existed for over a decade. According to experts, the lake at the centre of the rock was formed as a result of the fracturing of an aquifer.

3. Attraction

The still lake, the greenery at the top and the rocky landscape around all contribute to the attraction of the Mpape Crushed Rock site. These days you will find a DJ stand and food vendors selling all kinds of foods and snacks from roasted fish, chicken and snails to suya, kilishi and rice at the Crushed Rock. There are also work-ready photographers ready to capture your special moments for a small fee. Most visitors to the site come with their camera phones too.

4. Best time to visit

Based on the opinions of those who have been to the area before, the best time to visit the Crushed Rock in Mpape is on a cool weekend evening. Visiting on other days is also possible.

5. Entrance fee to Crushed Rock in Mpape

For now, no entrance fee is charged to assess the Mpape Crushed Rock. That might change in the future though, as the site continues to attract more visitors.

A tourist at the Crushed Rock in Mpape – Photo credit – Wura

6. Fun activities at the Crushe Rock

The site is great for picnics. Visitors coming in groups will also enjoy rock climbing. There are people who dive into the lake but this is risky and strongly discouraged. Locals say the lake bottom if filled with injurious debris.

7. Safety

There are currently no safety concerns about visiting the Crushed Rock in Mpape. As long as you adhere to the instructions from the locals, your trip will be very safe.

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