Feminist woman Ire Aderinokun busted for lying she designed the #EndSARS logo

A Twitter user has busted Nigerian feminist and web developer Ire Aderinokun for lying that she designed the logo of the Nigerian Feminist Coalition which was widely used during the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria.

In a tweet she made on October 23, Ire Aderinokun had claimed that she designed the logo in “less than 30 minutes” and “under so much pressure.”

She wrote:

“On another note, it was honestly so heartwarming to see how this logo I designed in less than 30 minutes and under so much pressure became such a powerful symbol in the movement.”

She added in the tweet:

“It was hilarious that misogynists thought the female symbol in it was hidden.”

It was later found that the said logo has been on Google for many years.

Twitter user @AimThaMachine_ who uncovered Ms Aderinokun’s lie wrote:

“Lol, but you came out here and LIED that you designed this logo by yourself under so much stress in 30 minutes. Lol, Logo that has been on Google since.”

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