Amsterdam Business School slammed for discriminating against ‘African bachelor degrees’

Amsterdam Business School – an educational institution located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, has come under fire for saying that a Bachelor’s degree from an African country is not enough to secure admission for a Master’s degree programme in the school.

A page titled “Information for students with an Africa Bachelor’s degree” on the institution’s website said “an African bachelor’s degree is the equivalent of 2 years of academic education in the Netherlands”.

The page stated that applicants with an African bachelor’s degree (except for South-Africa and Ghana) will need a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in the field of economics and business in order to be eligible to apply for a Master’s degree programme in the school.

The school has received a lot of backlash for its discriminatory position against African certificates.

Following the massive criticism, Amsterdam Business School has now changed the former content of its web page.

The new page now reads:

“In order to be eligible to an academic master’s degree at our research university (the majority are one-year Master programmes), all students, both Dutch and international, need to have completed an academic bachelor’s degree from a research university.”

The school has changed the information on its web page following the backlash.

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