‘Bobrisky told me Tonto Dikeh is a drug addict who sleeps around with men’ – Oye Kyme

Oye Kyme, the Ivorian lady whose relationship with Bobrisky has gone sour has called him out on Instagram and revealed some things she claimed Bobrisky told her about his former bestie, Tonto Dikeh.

Bobrisky had taken Ivorian lady Oye Kyme in after she tattooed him on her body but their friendship barely lasted three months.

Following their scandalous parting, Oye Kyme has taken to social media to reveal some damning things she claimed Bobrisky told her about his former bestie, Tonto Dikeh.

Oye Kyme revealed that Bobrisky told her Tonto Dikeh is a drug addict who sleeps around with men to maintain her fake lifestyle.

She said Bobrisky had criticized Iyabo Ojo over the video she made about Baba Ijesha, saying she was “shouting like a goat without bra”.

The Ivorian woman also said Bobrisky told a lie about how much he gave Goodluck and his grandmother and revealed that they never smoked in the hotel room as Bobrisky claimed.

Oye Kyme said Bobrisky’s house is “stinky” and her toilets were all spoilt.

Read her post below:

“Money cant buy what I have am real lady you are you are just a shame very disgusting human being Tonto Dikeh did well by unfollowing you! You are just a true definition on hell because you guys are known friends again you be calling and spoiling her name telling people on the phone that everybody have fvck her that the house she’s living in self is not for her and the car she used to post is for one of her ex boyfriend that sell cars so he use to borrow her car anytime she need a car.

“He even say Tonto is a drug addict that she living a fake life why spoiling her name because she dont want you her life again you are a wicked human being even when iyabo came out and do video about what baba ijesha she was just insulting iyabo that how can you have 4million of followers and not having any class making videos and shouting like a a goat with no bra on.

“If you want block me on whatsaap I dont care I will expose your real face to the world you use me like a animal you gave gooodluck grand mother 100k you said you gave them 200k liar you left them in hotel with hunger now they went back to their village they called you for You to respect what promise you coming out lying that they smoke when I came newly in Lagos before moving to your stinky house where all the toilets are spoiled I was in the same hotel with them I never saw them smoking you lied on a grand mother you are not even scared. # am sorry for my english am not a Nigerian thank for understanding # I just comment on anuma gift last you guys should go and read it!”

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