Nigerian man goes crazy in Ghana, calls his mum ‘ashawo’ – Full Video

A Nigerian man identified as Okolie Christian Daniel Nonso found in Ghana was recently captured on video, acting weird and speaking incoherently.

According to reports, the young man was found in the streets in Ghana and after he was ascertained to be Nigerian, he was handed over to some Nigerian residents in Ghana.

But efforts to get him to identify who he is and where he is from proved futile as he kept speaking incoherently. It is believed that the man was under the influence of hard drugs.

His international passport revealed his name to be Okolie Christian Daniel Nonso but further attempts to get more information about his background and address proved unsuccesful.

Some of the things he was saying made no sense. At one point in the video, he was heard talking about bringing his father back to life and referring to his mother as an “ashawo”.

He said:

“Okay, send me to court, I want to go and bring my father back to life. They killed him without my permission. My mother is an ashawo. After my father died, I built a house for her and she brought a man into the house.”

Watch the full video below:

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