Video of Odumeje lifting the Blessed Sacrament sparks outrage – WATCH

A viral video showing the moment controversial Nigerian cleric, Prophet Odumeje held and lifted an ostensorium of the Blessed Sacrament at a church in Delta State has caused outrage online, especially among Catholics.

In the video, Prophet Odumeje aka the Indaboski Bahose is seen wearing an outfit that looked like the Catholic chasuble and then lifting the monstrance with some priests standing beside him.

A source told DNB Stories that the incident happened at a church called “Orthodox Catholic Mission Inc.” located in Okpanam, Delta State.

Watch the video of Odumeje lifting the Blessed Sacrament below:

The video has since stirred a heated controversy online with many Catholic Christians condemning the church for allowing Odumeje to conduct the scared activity.

One person wrote on social media:

“I thought only ordained priests are allowed to touch the blessed sacrament?”

Another person called it a “mockery of the Catholic church”.

“This is a mockery of the catholic doctrine if you want to form your church do as you please no need copying and thereby mocking other people’s faith/doctrine. This video really pissed me off ? mtchewww.”

“Can you imagine touching the blessed sacrament with such filthy hands???? The church and things of the church are no longer regarded as sacred entities. It is finished!!? Our priests are becoming huge jokes!”

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