‘A Skit’ – Is Mr Macaroni actually getting married to Mummy Wa?

Popular Nigerian comedians and skit makers Mr Macaroni and Mummy Wa stirred a buzz on social media yesterday after they released their ‘engagement photos’.

Mr Macaroni and Mummy Wa who play a couple in their skits on Saturday, April 23, 2022, took to their social media pages to share adorable photos of themselves in traditional wedding attire. The next day, they also shared white wedding photos.

Mr Macaroni captioned the photos:

“Engagement Today, Wedding Tomorrow 😁”

Mummy Wa aka Kemz Mama went more elaborate in her own caption, writing:

“DaddyWa finally paid mummy wa’s bride price @mrmacaroni1 + @kemz_mama”

Are Mr Macaroni and Mummy Wa really getting married?

Probably not! A source close to Mr Macaroni’s camp who asked not to be named has confirmed to DNB Stories Africa that the wedding photos are not real. According to him, the photos are from an upcoming project both comedians are working on that will be released in the coming days.

Mummy Wa is known to be dating another comedian named Bae U though there are reports that their relationship is currently troubled following Bae U’s recent misconduct scandal.

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