Apostle Suleman reacts to Gistlover’s post of him sleeping with over 25 actresses

Apostle Johnson Suleman – the senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries has tackled reports that he has bedded many Nigerian actresses.

Instagram gossip platform Gistlover had earlier provided a long list of actresses the controversial cleric has allegedly slept with.

The list included names like Shan George, Halima Abubakar, Lilian Bach, Iyabo Ojo, Ruth Kadiri, Mercy Johnson, Chinyere Winifred, Larriet Omo Brish, Vivian Metchie, Georgina Onuoha, Ini Edo, Joy Ogbunu, Angel Okorie, Ngozi Ezeonu, Mary Uranta, Queen Nwokoye, etc.

During a church program on Wednesday, July 27, Apostle Johnson Suleman called the allegations bluff, describing the person behind the Gistlover blog as “mumu” and “ode”.

The cleric also threatened the faceless blogger to make the list longer and to “show face”, if they are brave enough.

He said:

You know I have been busy with this crusade and I heard that they are dragging me on social media, that the man is diabolic, diabolic kill you there! You want to drag me? We will drag ourselves. Some of them come to my church, I should deny them because you wrote something, the news no long, make it 200, Mumu! Ode!

You want to drag a generator na me be dragging, if you stop, you no serious, we go craze, I’m the one that will disappear that blog. You attack politicians, you attack celebrities, you have come to me, you don enter my trap.

When I saw the list I was just laughing, one man, see list, I was asking them who be this one, where this one dey. Some Nigerians went to those people’s pages and insulted them, anybody that typed an insult, it will backfire at them.

Do you know why some of us don’t speak again about Nigeria, because the problem of Nigeria are Nigerians. Don’t talk for Nigerians o. You see rigging during elections, politicians don’t rig, it’s Nigerians that rig. Every nation gets the leaders they deserve, when you see a bad leader, it’s because the nation is bad! That’s the truth.

If you get liver show your face, you can’t be hiding, you no get mind. Look at me now I’m insulting you and showing my face, if you get liver show your face and drop your address make we come meet you there, you no well!

So that thing you posted online, I should start shaking? I dey do crusade o, dem no dey drag me! I go use your dragging take popular. If you want to fight me make sure you have oxygen, because nothing dey shake me.

I know some of my people now are angry that I spoke, oh papa don’t talk! Na the no talk dey give them power. All the celebrities and people they were insulting for what they didn’t do because one mumu somewhere is behind the keypad.

Understand how social media works, it’s five percent from reality. Don’t let anybody intimidate you in this life, if they give you, give them, stop shaking. Don’t pay a blackmailer one Naira!

Anything you want to write, write it! If wrapper wan tear, make e tear. I have told myself nobody will bring me down, I won’t let you, I’m on an assignment, if you want to stop me, go and meet God, only God can stop me! Na Edo I be o!

Meanwhile, some of the actresses that made the Gistlover list have taken to their respective social media pages to deny the allegation while some have chosen not to respond.

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