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Who is Louise Pentland?

Louise Pentland is a popular English lifestyle, beauty, and motherhood vlogger. Pentland is also a blogger, YouTuber, and author. She is often cited as the UK’s number-one parenting vlogger. At the start of her career, Louise Pentland was widely known as “Sprinkle of Chatter” or “Sprinkle of Glitter.” However, she ditched these monikers for her real name in 2016. Louise Pentland was a member of the now defunct YouTube group, the “Brit Crew,” alongside Jim Chapman, Zoe Sugg, and others.

Louise Pentland’s full name is Louise Alexandra Pentland. The lifestyle vlogger was born on April 28, 1985, in Northampton, England. Pentland is 38 years old as of October 2023. 

About Louise Pentland’s parents 

Louise Pentland’s parents are Steven Pentland (father) and Diana Jane Pentland (mother). In 1992, when Louise was 7 years old, her mother passed away from breast cancer. Shortly after that, her father remarried a woman who maltreated young Louise, reports say.

About Louise Pentland’s father – Steven Pentland 

Louise Pentland’s father Steven Pentland is from Northampton, England. He is the eldest son of World War II veteran John Pentland and his wife Peggy. In Louise Pentland’s memoir titled “MumLife”, she narrates how her father brought home his new lover soon after they buried her mother. Steven married the woman (Louise Pentland’s stepmother) and they were together for about a decade.

Louise Pentland told The Sun in 2020:

“Not long after my mum died, my dad met a woman who moved in and was around every day. My dad worked away from home a lot, so most of the time it was just the two of us.”

Louise Pentland also revealed that she and her father had a distant relationship throughout her childhood. However, they became cordial after seeking professional help.

About Louise Pentland’s mother – Diana Jane Pentland 

Louise Pentland’s mother Diana Jane Pentland died at the age of 37, after battling breast cancer for two years. According to Louise Pentland, her mother was diagnosed with the disease in 1990. The cancer later advanced to stage IV in 1992, leading to her death in the same year.

Pentland wrote about her mother’s demise in Glamour Magazine in 2020.

She said:

“We said goodbye to mum five days before Christmas. The following years were worse than a young child could ever anticipate.”

About Louise Pentland’s stepmother – “Sandra”

Louise Pentland’s stepmother, whom she refers to as “Sandra,” is of Persian descent. In Louise Pentland’s memoir, she disclosed that Sandra abused her during her childhood. The motherhood vlogger further revealed that she endured physical and mental abuse from her now estranged stepmum for almost a decade because she was too terrified to tell anyone. But a few months before turning 16, Louise Pentland confided in her father, leading him to end his relationship with Sandra the next day. Despite her childhood trauma, Louise Pentland shared that she has forgiven her stepmother after confronting her in 2019.

Louise Pentland’s siblings

Louise Pentland comes from a blended family and has three siblings. Pentland’s siblings include one half-sister, a stepbrother, and a stepsister. Louise’s half-sister’s name is Tiyana Francesca Pentland, while the details of her other step-siblings are currently unknown. Louise Pentland and Tiyana share the same father, Steven Pentland, but different mothers.

About Louise Pentland’s sister – Tiyana Pentland 

Louise Pentland’s half-sister Tiyana Pentland is a photographer and YouTuber. Born on August 22, 1996, Tiyana is 27 years old as of October, 2023. Her mother is Louise Pentland’s abusive ex-stepmother, Sandra. According to Louise Pentland, she has a beautiful relationship with Tiyana despite having faced abuse from the photographer’s mum. The half-sisters seem to be close and have vlogs together on YouTube.

Louise Pentland’s marriage and husband 

As of the time of writing this article (October 2023), Louise Pentland is divorced and has no husband. However, she is currently engaged to her partner, Liam O’Neill.

Louise Pentland’s first husband and divorce

Louise Pentland was formerly married for about 4 years (2010 – 2014) to her ex-husband, teacher Matt Watson. The former couple first met in 2004 at Liverpool John Moores University, where Pentland studied Psychology and Biology. However, their romance didn’t start until 2005. After dating for about five years, Louise and Matt married in September 2010. Louise Pentland’s marriage to her former husband produced only one child, a daughter Darcy Jane. They ended their marriage amicably in mid-2014 but kept it a secret until early 2015.

Louise Pentland wrote on her blog in March 2015:

“Matt and I have separated.”

Louise Pentland and her first husband Matt Watson.

List of Louise Pentland’s past relationships and boyfriends 

Louise Pentland has only been romantically linked with two men – her former husband, Matt Watson, and current boyfriend, Liam O’Neill.

About Louise Pentland’s ex-husband – Matt Watson 

Louise Pentland’s ex-husband Matt Watson is a language teacher and YouTuber. He has however deleted all his videos on the platform. Born in November 1983, Pentland’s first husband is 40 years old as of October 2023. 

Louise Pentland and her husband Matt Watson initially appeared like the perfect couple until they announced their split in 2015. On what led to their divorce, Louise Pentland claimed they grew apart, adding that neither of them “did a bad thing” in their marriage. The motherhood blogger also said they are on good terms despite their divorce.

Following their split, Watson began dating YouTuber Devon Louise, and they reportedly married in 2019. Louise Pentland’s fans heavily criticized Matt and Devon’s relationship online. Some persons also accused Louise Pentland’s ex-husband, Matt Watson, of being a closeted gay man and only using Devon as a “beard” – a romantic partner of a closeted homosexual, used to conceal their sexuality. However, Watson ignored these rumours and has since kept a low profile.   

Louise Pentland and Matt Watson’s wedding.

About Louise Pentland’s new man and fiancé – Liam O’Neill 

According to information gathered by DNB Stories, Louise Pentland’s fiancé, Liam O’Neill, is a detective sergeant. However, he is popular in the media as Louise Pentland’s new lover and fiancé. Born on April 20, 1977, Liam O’Neill is 46 years old as of October 2023. Louise Pentland and her beau first met in the summer of 2016 through the popular dating app Tinder. They began dating shortly after and Louise Pentland later announced it on her YouTube page. Their romance has continued to flourish, leading to the birth of their first child, a daughter named Pearl, in 2018. 

Liam O’Neill proposed to Louise Pentland during their trip to Walt Disney World in February 2020. As of 2023, Louise Pentland and Liam O’Neill are still together (engaged) but not yet officially married. The YouTube star disclosed in 2021 that they “don’t have any wedding plans yet.”

Louise Pentland and her new boyfriend Liam O’Neill.

Louise Pentland’s kids 

As of October 2023, Louise Pentland has two children. Louise Pentland’s kids include her two daughters – Darcy Jane, and Pearl Pentland. The UK Vlogger had her first child, Darcy, with her former husband, Matt Watson, while she shares her second child, Pearl, with her current partner, Liam O’Neill.

List of Louise Pentland’s kids 

  1. Darcy Jane Watson 
  2. Pearl Pentland
Louise Pentland and her daughters.

About Louise Pentland’s daughter – Darcy Jane Watson 

Darcy Jane aka Baby Glitter, is Louise Pentland’s first child. Darcy Jane was born on April 5, 2011. Louise Pentland gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 25. As of October 2023, Baby Glitter is 12 years old. She is a confident little girl and has appeared on her mother’s vlogs on numerous occasions.

About Louise Pentland’s daughter – Pearl Pentland 

Pearl Pentland is Louise Pentland’s second daughter whom she had with her current boyfriend, Liam O’Neill. Pearl Pentland was born in January 2018. She is 5 years old as of October 2023. 

Louise Pentland’s net worth 

Louise Pentland has an estimated net worth of £12 million as of 2023. She gets most of her earnings from her career as a vlogger, influencer and YouTuber.

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