by Carl Uke   Adamu loved his cows; they were all he lived for. He had about fifty of them and enjoyed every bit of rearing them. The cows were all his late father left for him at death. When he was alive, Adamu’s father was a well-known cattle rearer […]


by Fadeelat Adeyemi I know you are expecting a miracle. We all are. In what form are you expecting your miracle? I being alive today is a miracle. And so is you being alive. Whatever crisis, whatever battle, it’s not going to be forever. My miracle could be in any […]


by Ugochukwu E. There is a church in Aba, Abia State where the pastor is chiefly known for one thing: Accepting gifts for God. According to Pastor Isaac, the only way to get anything from God is by first giving to Him. Just like an investment, you’d get back according […]


Bad Hair Day It was the girl called Araba that carried Georgina down to the chemist. Kenneth was fast and skilled. Inside the room at the back of his shop, he quickly laid Georgina flat on the bed and checked her pulse. He splashed cold water over Georgina and yelled […]


by Daniel Nkado Something remarkable happened at St Paul’s Secondary School, Nise on April the 14th, 2003. Just behind the JSS1 Block there was a small forest. I could remember a large and gnarled mango tree that never bore fruit. A tall palm with dead, overhanging fronds. The ominous screams […]


Moderator: Gloria   So our Guess-Who game ended yesterday. Now let’s find out how well you know the Roommates. Here is the original introduction of the roommates’ cast:   ***  Except being in the same school and living in the same room, they have nothing else in common. Absolutely nothing! […]


TWO Nwamgbeke continued to shake Ikechukwu. ‘Hey, Ikechukwu!’ she cried. ‘Ikechukwu, licing up na! Ikechukwu!’ She tried to pull him up. ‘Ikechukwu, I soly na, prease licing up. Please, I not knows you is there. Ikechukwu! Ikechukwu!’ Ikechukwu remained still on the floor. Nwamgbeke dropped flat on the ground beside […]


by Carl Uke Kaire was already used to being referred to by the name ‘Chima’. But his name wasn’t Chima; people get to see him and call him Chima, probably mistaking him for someone else. On this particular day, Kaire was returning from lectures. As he walked to the bus-stand, […]


by Daniel Nkado When Chibuzo won a scholarship to study in the UK, his parents were their happiest. When he returned, years after, with a foreign degree, a glossy appointment letter and an official car, Mama and Papa Chibuzo danced like there was no tomorrow. But days later, following the […]