by Daniel Nkado   …the Iwa ji festival marks the arrival of the new yam. Papa used to follow the Igwe and other elderly men of Umunka to Ogwugwu shrine the evening before the festival day where the Ezemuo performs the ihe Ihejioku ritual. At the ritual, sacrifices are offered […]


by Briana Jones Taboos are rarely black and white. While one person or group may consider a certain act socially unacceptable or downright immoral, another may see it simply as a part of life. Incest, for one, has long remained one of the world’s most unmentionable taboos. Nevertheless, some especially […]


by Gloria Ezeh Daniel Nkado has featured ghosts in some of his books—most notably in the chillingly beautiful story— Grace Abounds—but really do you believe ghosts are real? Take a look at these images, all sourced from the internet and mostly from the late spiritualist — William Hope, and tell […]


by Penina Winisdatter The point of atheism, to me, and this may not pertain to others, is to stop being afraid. The point of religion…all religions, in my opinion, is fear: Fear of death, fear of consequences, fear of being small and inconsequential in the order of things. Religion deals […]


Mother and Child It is the end of the world. Fire! Noise! Great destruction! The whole world lay in ruins. Clumps of red flames littered the ground. Stone and debris everywhere, the atmosphere sheathed in a rain of dust. Loveth closed her ears with two hands and screeched. And immediately […]


by Daniel Nkado *** Read the first part HERE *** ‘Answer me, you this Igbo girl!’ Mummy Kafayat screamed again. ‘Is this how you live where you come from?!’ ‘No, Ma,’ Dorcas managed to utter. ‘I’m sorry, Ma,’ she added, very quietly, though all she ever wanted to do was […]


by Tom Snow and Jack Feldman In a perfect world One we’ve never known We would never need To face the world alone They can have the world We’ll create our own I may not be brave or strong or smart But somewhere in my secret heart I know love […]


by Daniel Nkado My grandmother passed away today. Oh please don’t say sorry to me, I’m not that very sad. She’d died a fulfilled woman. Two months before her eventual passing, I sat beside her on her bed and asked her what she really was missing most. To my surprise, […]