10 easy ways to know a lesbian

by Miz Tee

Due to the fluidity of the feminine gender, it is not always easy to spot a lesbian.

But don’t worry, these 10 signs will help you immediately tell if a woman is a lesbian or not:

1. They like wearing jeans

That’s right, all lesbians wear jeans.

2. They don’t sleep with makeup

3. They have two breasts

If you see a nipple too, better run!

4. They don’t carry handbags

Why the hell do they need one?

5. They drink tea a lot

We don’t yet know why this happens, do we?

6. Their first names always begin with a consonant.

So very true!

7. They like eating fufu
With better okro soup.

8. They love rap music.

Whether Missy Elliot or Nicki Minaj, she is it!

9. They like watching sci-fi movies

Rumor has it that Thanos is a lesbian, now you get the drill!

10. They don’t use iPhones

The reason for this is obvious, isn’t it?


Now that you know what I know, good luck on finding your next lesbian girl!

For more info, read My Lesbian Encounter by Daniel Nkado.

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