Photos and video of Tyrese Haspil being arrested for allegedly killing Fahim Saleh

Tyrese Devon Haspil, a former personal assistant to Fahim Saleh was arrested yesterday and formally charged with his murder.

Investigators believe Tyrese’s motive for the killing his former boss is to get away from paying back the money he stole from him.

Evidence showed Fahim Saleh discovered Tyrese Haspil had been stealing money from him (an amount put at around $90, 000) and confronted him about it.

Image: Tyrese Devon Haspil pictured in New York City, before his arrest.

Instead of reporting the theft to the police, Fahim Saleh worked out a repayment plan for Tyrese Haspil. Fahim Saleh was found dead and dismembered in his New York apartment on Tuesday.

It was found that the electric saw Fahim Saleh’s killer used to dismember him was bought with Tyrese Haspil’s credit card. Haspil was arrested and charged with the murder of Fahim Saleh on Friday.

Here is a video of Tyrese Haspil being led away in handcuffs during his arrest on Friday.

He could be heard asking cops “Officers, what is going on?” as he is being cuffed and led to the waiting vehicle.
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