10 most flood-prone areas in Lekki

Written by Deborah Oladapo

For decades, Lekki has been known as the flood centre of Lagos Island. A major percentage of all the flooding incidents that happen in Lagos Island takes place in the Lekki areas.

Although one of the top affluent areas of Lagos, the recurrent problem of flooding during the rainy season sometimes discourages people from relocating to Lekki or establishing their businesses there.

It is safe to note that not all areas in Lekki get flooded. Some parts of Lekki are more susceptible to flooding than others.

Here are the 10 most flood-prone areas in Lekki:

These are areas that easily get flooded during a heavy downpour.

1. Agungi

Agungi is one of the most easily-flooded areas in Lekki. Although occupied by rich and influential individuals, the drainage system in Agungi is vastly poor. Business owners in this area of Lekki sometimes refuse to create drainage channels and this leaves everywhere flooded when the rain begins. The few available drainage channels in Agungi are also inadequately managed. Indiscriminate littering leads to clogging and blockage of the drainage outlets. The peak of the rainy season is a terrifying period for some residents of Agungi – activities are suspended and movement is restricted.

2. Ikate (Elegushi)

It is no surprise why the Ikate areas of Lekki easily get flooded. This residential area is located right beside the popular Elegushi Beach. People from all over Lagos visit the beach for leisure, and one would think living so close to the fun beach would be a blessing. Newsflash – it is not! In fact, some parts of Ikate stay permanently flooded all year round.

3. Chevy View Estate

Chevy View Estate and the entire Chevron Drive areas really are not exempt from flooding, especially at the peak of the rainy season. Many of the roads in Chevy View are slopy while some of the drainage passages are shallow, defective, and insufficient. The good thing is that most of the buildings are propped so that water does not enter the compounds and only the streets experience flooding.

4. Ikota Villa

This is another flood-prone area in Lekki. Lands in Ikota Villa are dense and retain a lot of water. The prized Villa is also situated right beside a canal. These factors make the area highly prone to flooding. Flooding in Ikota can be so serious that sometimes residents are left with no other option but to relocate temporarily when the situation becomes very unbearable.

5. Ocean Bay

Despite its beauty, Ocean Bay experiences terrible flooding during massive downpours, one of the reasons being the clogging of the drainage canals which results in poor flow of water.

6. Ado/Badore (Ajah)

The Badore region of Ajah is highly prone to flooding, especially during the peak of the rainy season. Asides the poorly maintained drainage system, the land is located beside a water body which rises in heavy downpour and flood the nearby streets. There are stories of residents using boats to get to the expressway during a bad flooding episode.

7. Buena Vista Estate

Unfortunately, the tranquil Buena Vista also has its share in the flood dilemma of Lekki. Unlike most places, the drainage channels in Buena Vista are properly managed, but flood somehow usually finds its way into the area due to the low grounds.

8. Sangotedo

This is another flood-prone area in the Ajah axis. Monastery Road, Sangotedo is situated beside the sea which overflows during heavy torrents and affects the movement of residents, even to the point of total restriction.

9. Westend Estate

Western Estate is a fragment of Ikota Villa, and shares in its flooding ordeal as well.

10. Victoria Garden City (VGC) 

Victoria Garden City (VGC) is a high brow residential estate located on the Lekki-Epe Expressway. Filled with amazing infrastructures – stately duplexes, bungalows, townhouses and mansions – the estate is one of the high-priced areas in the Lekki Phase 2 axis. The only issue is that most parts of the estate experience massive flooding.

Areas in Lekki that are least-prone to flooding:

Here are a few estates in the Lekki region that are not susceptible to flooding:

  • Still water Gardens – Ikate
  • Friends Colony Estate – Osapa
  • Romay Gardens Estate – Ilasan
  • Victory Park Estate – Osapa
  • Pinnock Beach Estate – Osapa
  • Nicon Town
  • Northern Foreshore Estate
  • Carlton Gate Estate – Chevron
  • Primewaters Estate – Ikate
  • Lakeview Estate – Ikota
  • Silver Point Estate – Osapa
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