Old photo of Fela Kuti ‘rocking’ Burna Boy’s mother is FAKE

A Ghanaian entertainment and gossip blog called ghgossip.com has dug up an old photo of legendary Nigerian performer Fela Kuti rocking a woman alleged to be the mother of Grammy-nominated singer Burna Boy.

The blog shared the old photo on their platform, claiming it was Fela Kuti resting on top of Burna Boy’s mother as he performed on stage.

Our findings have found the report to be false. The woman with Fela Kuti in the photo is not Burna Boy’s mother, Bose Ogulu, but one of Fela’s dancers.

There have been strong rumours that Burna Boy’s mother, Bose Ogulu used to be one of Fela Kuti’s dancers back in the days, but this is also not true.

Burna Boy’s mother, Bose, was practically a baby when she first set eyes on Fela Kuti so there is no way she would have been one of Fela’s dancers.

In fact, Bose Ogulu who is fondly called Mama Burna has refuted the claims that she was once one of Fela’s dancers in an interview.

She said: “How could I have danced for him? Chronologically, it doesn’t add up…when did I dance for Fela?”

Bose said she respected Fela Kuti and described him as the closest thing she had to a godfather.

The rumours of Burna Boy’s mother being one of Fela Kuti’s dancers began spreading after it was reported in the media that the family had a close link to the late Afrobeat legend.

But the connection was actually from Burna Boy’s grandfather, Benson Idonije, who was a known Nigerian music critic and a former manager of Fela Kuti.

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