Nigerians react after pigeons refused to fly during Armed Forces Remembrance Day

Funny reactions have trailed a video clip from Nigeria’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day ceremony showing the moment white pigeons refused to fly after President Muhammadu Buhari released them.

As part of the commemoration ceremony in honour of Nigerian soldiers who lost their lives during the Nigeria-Biafran War of 1967, the President is expected to release a band of pigeons into the sky.

This year, however, something stopped the pigeons from flying. The moment when the pigeons refused to fly into the air after President Muhammadu Buhari released them was captured on video. As seen in the video, the President also tried to prod the pigeons to fly but they didn’t.

Someone wrote in response to the video:

“Pigeons always fly. If they don’t, something is really wrong. And something is really wrong. A lot of things are really wrong.”

Another social media user commented that the pigeons have decided to join the #EndSARS protests.

Watch the video below:

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