Ayo Sogunro responds nicely to a Twitter user who called him gay

Nigerian lawyer and writer Ayo Sogunro has responded to a Twitter user who accused of being gay.

The Twitter user in his post said there is evidence that Ayo Sogunro is gay and “collects from the back”.

The user made the comment while replying to Ayo Sogunro’s post about the hypocrisy of some Nigerians.

Ayo Sogunro wrote:

“I woke up thinking of this again. Nigerians will unite to condemn a queer person simply for being queer than unite to condemn a confirmed terrorist sympathizer who has been implicated in a murder.”

Replying to Ayo’s post, Twitter user Abiodun Bello said:

“Come out plainly…. There are unverified information out there that you sef dey collect from back. Advocate for same-sex marriage with your chest”

Surprisingly, Ayo Sogunro showed no anger towards the comment and instead advised him to try it and that he will enjoy it.

Ayo Sogunro wrote:

”And so what if I collect it from back? You should try it, it is pleasant.”

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