Here is the original link to read David Hundeyin’s ‘Cornflakes for Jihad’ article

Chances are that if you’ve been on social media these past two days, you might have come across reports or discussions about the bombshell article by investigative journalist David Hundeyin where he unearthed shocking evidence casting light on the identities of the widely reported financiers of Boko Haram terrorist group.

Also the strange and shocking connection between “NASCO cornflakes” and the dreaded terror group.

Find the link to the original David Hundeyin’s ‘Cornflakes for Jihad’ article, published on Sunday, October 3, 2021, below:


A section of the investigative report reads:

“The Nigerian jihadis being trained in Algerian camps in 2002 will later return to Nigeria and make up the core of what will later become known as “Boko Haram.” And – what a coincidence – NASCO is also based in Jos, which so happens to be the headquarters of the Izala Movement and its many North African dalliances. Using money made from selling market-leading FMCGs to Nigerian consumers, a cross-border network of terrorism is being nurtured that will someday kill the very kids eating NASCO cornflakes every morning. And it’s all thanks to this nice gentleman from Eritrea – Ahmed Idris Nasreddin.”

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