People share stories of the rudest Nigerian celebrities they have met

For some people, meeting a celebrity face-to-face could be an exciting experience, especially if it’s a famous person they adore. However, not all celebrity encounters go well. All over the internet, people frequently share stories of their ugly experiences with a celebrity.

While some celebrities are drop-dead sweet and pleasant, others can be snobbish or totally antisocial. It is also important to note that celebrities are real people with emotions and their own problems. Meeting anyone at a bad time, celebrity or not, usually never goes too well. So you might want to cut them some slack.

Here are some stories of rude Nigerian celebrities shared by those that encountered them:

1. Kate Henshaw

“I met Kate Henshaw some years ago at the airport. Highly disgusting attitude. If you see the way she turned her nose up at people that were trying to take photos with her. if nah only me eeh, all these celebs will go broke because me i no send them at all. I have also met Ben Bruce and he was extremely pleasant. He didn’t care about class or whatever. I started liking him from that day, while I stopped watching Kate Henshaw’s movies since she did that.”

2. Gordons (Comedian)

“Met comedian Gordons or whatever (that guy that says allele or something,) at Adeniran Ogunsanya. The few people around were trying to greet him, if you see his mean snobbish face! He didn’t even acknowledge the greetings. I said, see this one oooh! Who be this one? Nah Nigerians get una time.. Rubbish. Someone that is barely getting by. Nonsense.”

3. Kunle Afolayan

“My own mean celebrity is Kunle Afolayan. Years back, we were both negotiating the Allen roundabout at the same time. I was driving by his left side. This means that he had a clearer view than me. You needed to have seen how this man was almost pushing me to the edge. I was blaring my horn but he paid no attention. Trust me, I later caught up with him, wound my window glass down and told him he just lost a fan. This guy practically gave me the middle finger. Since then, I check the cast list o before watching any nollywood movie.”

Another commenter:

“Yep, Kunle Afolayan, super arrogant dude. Have met and interviewed him before. In the same group is Genevieve (since GEJ stupidly dashed all of them OON, that one thinks she’s a goddess). RMD, the most hypocritical of the lot, coming online to form humility and motivational speech but one on one looks down on anyone without a tag of celebrity. Even the dry joke man, AY that was riding on the grace of Maltina, is do full of himself. Kate Henshaw, overbloated sense of self worth. Never tell them they lost a fan. Have some self respect man. Next time, shout down on him like any regular person and if he messes up, get him arrested. That’s how they do in the West. Check R Kelly. No dey look Uche face.”

4. Ireti Doyle

“2015 I met her and her husband at antony Maryland, I was part of the people that went to that area to conduct election,seeing her I was very happy immediately I smiled at her, o boy the look no bi here o,but when d husband came, from the entrance see as the man dey smile and dey great every body that alone come make me forgive her.”

Another commenter:

“I met her in abuja while shorting merry men, I played a small role too in the movie. Went to greet her and she gave me a mean look. She spent all her time upstairs not even coming down to mingle. She is a big-time snub that can’t change. Smh.”

5. Others – RMD, Genevieve Nnaji, Basketmouth and AY

“Nah people wey never get close to these people they call celeb that worship them. I don’t rate any of them and if I bump into them in a hotel or high-profile event, I pass like they were any regular person. If you’re with me and start swooning, I’ll smack your face. As a journalist back then, I related with all of them forming ‘humility’ and ‘motivational speaker’ online – but everything opposite. Most of them give you that snobbish look – people that you could be their president tomorrow and remember their attitude. RMD, Genevieve, Kate Henshaw, Basketmouth, AY, Oluchi – arrogant personified people. Down to earth people? Talk about Rita Dominic, Ini Edo, Ali Baba, Omoni Oboli, and Omotola (to some extent).”

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