10 best slow-moving zombie movies/series vs fast ones

There has always been the contention of which is scarier between slow-moving zombies and fast-moving ones.

While fast-moving zombies easily look the scariest with all the hunger and rush, slow zombies, sort of, represent more hopelessness – the gloom of a world that is long gone.

Fast zombies usually still look red and a bit human, but seeing a slow-moving with most of its body rotting away brings full-on the creepiness of death and rot that zombie movies are known for.

Below is a list of 10 best movies and TV series with slow-moving zombies compared to fast-moving ones:

Fast ZombiesSlow Zombies
1World War Z The Walking Dead
2All Of Us Are DeadZ-Nation
3Train To Busan Zombie 2 (aka Zombi)
4ZombielandI Walked With A Zombie
5Army Of The DeadCemetery Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore)
628 Days LaterShaun Of The Dead
7RECDawn Of The Dead (1978)
8I Am LegendNight Of The Living Dead
9CargoDay Of The Dead
10QuarantineThe Return of the Living Dead
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