Alhaja Kaola Biography: Marriage, Husband and Leaked Video

Who is Alhaja Kaola?

Alhaja Kaola is a popular Islamic radio presenter and media personality. Her full name is Alhaja Kafilat Rufai Kaola and she is known for anchoring the Islamic programme called “Albayan with Alhaja Kaola” on Fresh FM, Ibadan.

According to reports, Alhaja Kafilat Kaola was born on July 6, 1971, and she is currently 50 years old, as of March 2022. She is a Yoruba woman from Ibadan, Oyo State.

Alhaja Kaola Career?

Asides from being a popular radio presenter, Alhaja Kaola is also a serial businesswoman. She owns a communications company called “Kaola Communications” and she is also the CEO of Kaola Travel and Tours.

Alhaja Kaola Marriage and Husband

Alhaja Kaola was previously married to Alhaji Sharafdeen a.k.a Sharafa but the marriage ended in 2019. Her marriage with Sharafa lasted for six years and produced five children. Alhaja Kaola has remarried and her new husband is Alhaji Kassim Ayanmo.

Alhaja Kaola Leaked Tape Controversy

Few days ago, an obscene video of Alhaja Kaola giving an unidentified man oral pleasure leaked online. The video caused a storm of reactions in the Yoruba media.

Alhaja Kaola later confirmed that she is the one in the video and accused her ex-husband, Alhaji Sharafdeen (a.k.a Sharafa), of being behind the leak.

According to her, Alhaji Sharafdeen has been blackmailing her and threatening to release nude photos and videos of her to the public. She stated that her ex-husband who now lives abroad has been jealous of her successes and threatened to bring her down. She said Sharafa recorded the video when they were still married.

Alhaja Kaola: Husband Snatching Allegations

Alhaja Kaola has also been accused of stealing her sister’s husband when her own marriage crashed. It was alleged that the presenter’s new husband, Mr Ayanmo, was previously linked with Alhaja Kaola’s sister, Maryam Rufai.

Reacting to the allegations of snatching her sister’s husband, Alhaja Kaola denied every bit of it and maintained the reports were conjured up to dent her name.

Alhaja Kaola Children

Alhaja Kaola and her ex-husband Alhaji Sharafdeen a.k.a Sharafa share five children together. It is currently not known if Alhaja Kaola and her new husband have had additional children or planning to.

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