Nigeria is ready to sanction Russia for invading Ukraine – FG

The Nigerian Government has said the country is ready to impose sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine in accordance with the resolution of the United Nations on the matter.

Nigeria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama said during an interview with Channels TV on Monday night:

“We are going to act and engage within the framework of the United Nations. So if the United Nations adopts and imposes sanctions against Russia, we will comply with UN’s resolution. On imposing (the) sanction, this is going to be a collective action. The United Nations has to act.”

Onyeama reiterated that Nigeria totally condemns the action of Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine leading to a conflict that claimed hundreds of lives and massive destruction of infrastructure.

“We made that very clear; we condemned it. First of all, military force is not the solution. We have spoken up about the territorial integrity that we recognise the integrity of Ukraine. Nigeria’s position on the resolution is very clear, that we do not condone this military intervention in another country.”

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