All about Trey Songz’ marriage, wife and children

Trey Songz, Noah and his mother, Caro Colon

Who is Trey Songz?

Trey Songz is an American singer and actor known for his hit songs “Na Na” and “Bottoms Up”. He is sometimes fondly referred to as “Trigga Trey” and “Mr Steal Yo Girl” by some of his fans.

Trey Songz’s real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson. He was born on November 28, 1984, in Petersburg, Virginia, United States. He is 37 years old as of April 2022. He was born to his parents, Claude Neverson Jnr (father) and April (Gholson) Tucker (mother), but he was raised by his mother and stepfather.

Trey Songz grew up alongside three siblings – two brothers and a sister. Their names are Forrest Neverson, Nikki Neverson, and Alex Neverson.

Trey Songz’s marriage and wedding

As of the time of publishing this article, Trey Songz is rumoured to be married to his dancer and model girlfriend, Caro Colon, but has always kept this information away from the media.

According to reports, the couple secretly got married in 2018 after dating for a while. It is speculated that Trey Songz’s decision to keep his marriage a secret has caused his wife, Caro Colon, to sometimes doubt his honesty and faith in their marriage.

Trey Songz and his son and baby mama, Caro Colon

Trey Songz’s baby mama

In some other reports, it is stated that Trey Songz and Caro Colon were never married and that she is only his baby mama.

About Trey Songz’s wife – Caro Colon

Caro Colon is Trey Songz’s legal wife, as reported. She was born on February 11, 1990, in New York City, United States. She is 32 years old as of April 2022.

Caro Colon is a dancer and beauty model who has worked for many elite brands and clothing businesses including the likes of Lust and Starbenders. She is reported to be the sister of Milagrito Millie Colon, wife of American rapper Dave East.

How Trey Songz met his wife – Caro Colon

Trey Songz was previously in a relationship with American model and socialite, Lori Harvey, but the duo reportedly broke up in 2019.

The last time the couple made an appearance was on November 24, 2019, at a Knicks game held at Madison Square Garden, New York, United States.

According to reports, it is speculated that Trey Songz and Caro Colon started spending time together when the rapper was still in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Lori Harvey.

Trey Songz and son, Noah

Trey Songz children

Trey Songz is a proud father of one son named Noah Neverson. He was born on April 20, 2019, and is 2 years old as of April 2022.

The rapper recently took to his Instagram page to celebrate his son on his 2nd birthday, writing:

In celebration of Noah’s 2nd birthday, I wanted you all to see how amazingly gifted and special he is. So full of love and happiness, he is my greatest gift from God. #420baby #terrifictwo #brilliant #genius #1212 #BIGNOAH

Trey Songz and ex-girlfriend, Lori Harvey

Trey Songz and Lori Harvey’s relationship

Lori Harvey is an American model and socialite born on January 13, 1997, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. She is 25 years old as of April 2022.

According to reports, Trey Songz and Lori Harvey got romantically involved in December 2018. By February 2019, rumours of their split surfaced online when Lori Harvey reportedly erased all traces of Trey Songz on her Instagram.

According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, the reason for their split has something to do with infidelity on Trey Songz’s part.

It was even reported that when Trey announced that he had become a father, Lori pretended to be cool with it and left a comment on his Instagram post that says “Happy for you T!!!”

Trey Songz and Khloé Kardashian’s relationship

Khloé Kardashian is one of the women Trey Songz is rumoured to have dated. According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, Trey Songz and Khloé Kardashian were rumoured to be in a romantic relationship in 2016, around the time Trey appeared on Khloé Kardashian’s defunct show “Kocktails with Khloé”. Khloé Kardashian later blasted tabloids carrying the news while denying the dating rumours.

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