US rapper DaBaby mobbed by fans as he visits Nigeria

American rapper DaBaby arrived Lagos Nigeria yesterday to the utter excitement of his Nigerian fans.

The rapper has taken to his Instagram stories to share videos of his Nigerian fans hailing and jostling to greet and touch the American star. In one of the videos, the rapper is seen throwing money in the air for the crowd.

According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, DaBaby is in Nigeria on the account of Nigerian artiste, Davido. It is not yet clear if they would be collaborating on another song, or performing their old one.

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One Comment on “US rapper DaBaby mobbed by fans as he visits Nigeria”

  1. Fans mobbed Dababy as he visited Nigeria recently.

    The rapper was in the country for a music festival and was surprised by the overwhelming response from his Nigerian fans.

    It is great to see international artists welcomed with such enthusiasm in Nigeria.

    Dababy is popular in the country, and it is great to see him enjoying his time there.

    The author raises a good point about the importance of international artists visiting Nigeria.

    It is a country with a lot of potential, and it is great to see artists from all over the world coming to perform.

    Dababy’s visit will surely inspire other artists to come and experience Nigeria for themselves.

    What do you think about Dababy’s visit to Nigeria?

    Do you think more international artists should come to the country? Let us know in the comments below.

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