Are VJ Adams and Bimbo Ademoye dating? …Maybe

VJ Adams, a popular video jockey in Nigeria, and Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye are speculated to be dating following a social media post showing Adams throwing a surprise birthday party for Ademoye to mark her 32nd Birthday.

In what appears to be a confirmation of a romantic affair between the two celebrities, VJ Adams shared the romantic video that captured the moment Bimbo Ademoye walked into the surprise party he organized for her.

In the video, a shocked Ademoye is seen waking into a decorated bedroom while guests cheered her with birthday songs and wishes. According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, VJ Adams had mostly invited Bimbo Ademoye’s family members to the occasion.

In the caption of his post, VJ Adams whose full name is Adams Ibrahim Adebola addressed Ademoye as “Queen”, writing:

I know how much Family means to you… Happy birthday Queen 🥰😍🤩 intimate pre birthday

While fans of the actress have gone frenzy with rumours of VJ Adams and Bimbo Ademoye dating, neither party has officially confirmed the reports.

It is also safe to note that VJ Adams has pulled “dating pranks” with other female celebrities in the past. In 2020, Adams sparked wedding rumours with buxom Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim after the two appeared in a wedding-themed photo shoot.

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