IROKOTV boss and others react to Nigerian NBC’s new code on content exclusivity

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), the body in charge of regulating and controlling the broadcasting industry in Nigeria, has released a new broadcast code that will prevent PayTV and streaming platforms from making content exclusive on their platforms.

This new broadcast code compels PayTV and video-on-demand platforms like Netflix, Amazon, iROKOtv, Scene One TV, Africa Magic, etc to sub-license their content at prices the NBC will regulate.

NBC says the broadcast law aims to create room for better competition in the Nigerian movie industry.

However, concerned movie content distributors have kicked against NBC’s move to outlaw content exclusivity. Owning exclusive content is one of the main marketing points of most Nigerian PayTV platforms.

Reacting to the broadcast law, CEO of iRokoTV, one of the top PayTV platforms in Nigeria, said the new law if implemented will destroy PayTV in Nigeria.

Njoku wrote on Twitter:

“Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in making exclusivity illegal, compelling sub-licensing of content & regulating price, are effectively turning private enterprise into state property. Interference Distorts Markets. If implemented this 100% destroys PayTV in Nigeria.”

Many others also see the new broadcast code as a threat to local content investors and will effectively deter global streaming service providers like Netflix and Amazon from fully investing in the Nigerian content industry.

“I invest billions Naira in content then I am compelled to share with everyone else as NBC sets the price. Why? Dark forces or incompetence is at play here. Ridiculous,” Jason said in a tweet while reacting to the new NBC policy.

Nigerian actors and filmmakers Ruth Kadiri and Uche Jombo also expressed their concerns about the adverse consequences of the new NBC law on making and selling movies.

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