Twitter users dig up old tweets of Dr Olufunmilayo condemning Tife

Perhaps a classical case of “what goes around” – investigative Nigerians on Twitter have excavated old tweets of Dr Olufunmilayo aka Our Fav Online Doc berating other men accused of rape and assault.

Dr Olufunmilayo, who is currently embroiled in his own rape controversy after one Miss Bola Aseyan alleged he sexually assaulted her, has on many occasions spoken out and harshly condemned other men accused of rape.

The development has led to many Twitter users further criticizing the doctor for not practicing what he preached.

In some of the old tweets of Dr Olufunmilayo, the UK-based Nigerian doctor had gone off on fellow Twitter influencer Tife Fabunmi when he was accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend Sansa.

Check out the old tweets of Dr Olufunmilayo reprimanding Tife Fabunmi when he was accused of rape by Sansa:

Dr Olufunmilayo has also written reproaching posts about other Twitter users accused of rape and sexual assault.

A Twitter user Bola Aseyan who is also a foreign-based medical doctor has in a series of tweets accused Dr Funmilayo of sexually and emotionally abusing her.

Here are some of the reactions to Dr Olunfunmilayo’s rape accusation on Twitter:

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