The Nation’s article says rape is caused by women, musicians and filmmakers

A controversial online article about rape and sexual abuse published by the local Nigerian newspaper The Nation has drawn heavy criticism due to its shocking content.

The article titled “Rape: How to reduce men’s sexual appetite” formerly had the writer’s name as “Mustapha Temidayo” who has written other articles for The Nation in the past.

The article’s byline was later changed to Femi Kusa, probably an alias following the backlash the article garnered.

In the article filled with errors and inconsistencies, the writer stated that jailing rapists is not enough to put an end to rape, explaining that executing criminals has not stopped armed robbery.

Mustapha Temidayo then urged women to become “womanily” again in order to stop rape.

“Besides, woman must learn to become womanily all over again. The womanily woman is that woman who stands at the duty post were her Creator placed her,” Temidayo writes.

Temidayo then made reference to a “Dragon” who has made women forget the purpose of their existence on earth.

“By making woman become degenarate and forget the primary purpose of her existence on earth, which is neither marriage nor motherhood,the Dragon has succeeded in draging most members of our humanity into the abyss.”

Mustapha Temidayo concluded the article by blaming the woman and what he called the “rape industry” which included musicians, filmmakers and advertisers for rape.

“This is why a woman has cheapened herself and the rapist and non-rapist no longer respect her. So,in the rape coauch, blame not the rapist alone but also the rape industry (musicians,film makers,advitiser etc ) and Woman as well,” Mr Temidayo wrote.

The article has received a lot of backlash for its grammatical errors, poor presentation and offensive content.

Some Nigerians have called the article “disgraceful and disgusting” and asked The Nation newspaper to take it down.

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