‘No one is perfect’ – Terry G urges Nigerians to pray for Hushpuppi

Nigerian musician Terry G whose real name is Gabriel Oche Amanyi has reacted to the alleged arrest of popular Lagos big boy Ray Hushpuppi.

News of Hushpuppi’s arrest shook the Nigerian Internet space two days ago with many young Nigerians sharing their opinions about the development.

Terry G aka Akpako Master who is famous for his high energy has asked Nigerians to judge Hushpuppi less and pray for him instead.

According to Terry G, no one is perfect. The 36-year-old singer wrote on his Instagram page:

“None of us is clean nor perfect, all we pray is for God to bo our asiri… pray for him.”

Before his alleged arrest, Hushpuppi is well known for his lavish lifestyle and frequent flaunting of expensive items on social media.

It was reported that Hushpuppi and some of his associates were arrested by Interpol two days ago in Dubai.

According to some reports, they were arrested on account of their involvement in some grand money laundering scheme during the COVID-19 shutdown.

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