RCCG suspends adulterous Ondo pastor, Gideon Bakare

An RCCG pastor named Gideon Bakare has been suspended by the church after he was caught in a video attempting to sleep with a church member’s wife.

In the video which went viral some days ago, Pastor Gideon Bakare was seen sitting half-naked in a dishonourable position with a married woman.

The incident took place in Akure, the Ondo State capital and the woman was said to be married to a member of the church’s branch in Akure.

Following the outrage the video caused on social media, the church decided to let Gideon Bakare go. A statement from an RCCG spokesperson said Pastor Bakare was suspended for attempting adultery.

The full statement released by RCCG over Pastor Gideon Bakare’s case reads:

“The Redeemed Christian Church of God has excommunicated Mr Gideon Bakare and relieved him of all ministerial duties in the mission. Bakare, who was an Assistant Pastor in the Church was recently accused of an attempted act of adultery with a woman in her matrimonial home in Akure, Ondo State.

“The Church dissociates itself from such an immoral act of Mr Bakare and has described it as being completely contrary to the values, doctrines, beliefs and practices of the RCCG and the word of God. The Church, after reviewing the report of her investigation, noted that by his conduct, Bakare has not only tainted his personal reputation but has portrayed the Church in a bad light.

“Mr Bakare has, therefore, been directed to return all official items in his custody and stay off all associated connections with the mission with immediate effect.”

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